} Adds a special bonus weapon to the standard game. Ever since we started building our first laser tag system 25 years ago, we have focused on bringing reliability to entertainment and laser tag. Choose from over 30 different game types from your Standard Team Game all the way to Zombies! The ideal laser tag layout features separate Briefing and Vesting (or suit-up) areas. Laser Tag is a fast paced game played in a high tech environment. Lastly will be the Dual Capacitive touch laser. Cyberblast FEC comes with our standard LCD screen mounted on the back of the phaser. Come and get involved with the great value Laser Tag session for just £12, every Sunday at our Birmingham (City), East Midlands and Letchworth venues. Take comfort knowing you are always one call away from immediate help. A 3000 square foot attraction like the one the above revenue numbers are based on will require an investment between $100,000 and $150,000. Laser Tag combines cutting edge computer technology with an action-oriented game to create an exhilarating, heart-pounding adventure in which strategy and teamwork are joined to defeat your opponents while having fun! A traditional game with no vest lights. listeners: [], The average LaserBlast system is in use for 7-12 years before needing to be replaced. Players in the lobby will be able to see the scores live update throughout the game. Cyberblast PRO has introduced three ground-breaking new features. Most of our packages include: Vests & Phasers, Computer System & Software, Scoreboard Output Box, Targets, Mines, Bases, Operator Resources & Briefing Video, Charging Stations & LED Vest Racks, Spare Parts Kit, Installation, Training and Travel Costs. Questions  can be chosen from one of our preset lists or have your customer import their own on the cyberweb platform. If possible, we would highly recommend a customized feasibility study and demographic analysis. No other laser tag set has real TARGET VESTS, INVISIBILITY MODE, NIGHT VISION FLASHLIGHT, VOICE-GUIDED DIRECTIONS, and an extreme 150 FT SHOOTING RANGE! 5 activities from your choice of 4 awesome go-kart tracks at LazerPort and SpeedZone, laser tag, and indoor blacklight mini-golf. The team with the most points when time expires wins the game. We still recommend having the arena themed or painted by a professional. Advance as well as same day reservations are strongly recommended. We don’t do things by halves. The typical process includes. Providing adequate arena supervision at all times. For more populated areas that can support a larger initial investment, we recommend working with a professional theming company that specializes in laser tag environments. How often can I expect to service my equipment? Factors that determine your laser tag revenue will be location, population, marketing and operating hours. Get As Many Games As You Can In! ft. two-tier tactical arena, 4-player HOLOGATE Virtual Reality, batting cages, a roller skating rink, Victory Lane Café, and the largest arcade in South Central PA! Tag the front and the back of the vest for 200, or the shoulder and phaser for 100. Every minute 4 targets at random will be activated. They can be used as a mine, recharge station or detectors. After a 3 minute safe period, one player is randomly chosen and eliminated from the losing team every minute. It will show your rank at all times in the center of the star. event : evt, Shoot the opponent before they shut your down! Most drivers get 7-10 laps in during each run and driver almost 3 miles! Cybergates add a dynamic feel to your arena completely immersing your customers in the laser tag environment. In the past, most laser tag attractions only offered laser tag and a small arcade or game room. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Your LaserBlast representative can assist you with layout concerns such as which part of the building would be best for the laser tag attraction, how to avoid unnecessary demo work, and which other attractions would fit and make sense for your project. Make sure to ta g players, targets, and bases or you might be the next one out. InvestmentThe investment required to add a laser tag attraction typically ranges from $100,000 to $250,000. Other options include: Trivia Stations, AI Projector Targets, CyberWeb Powerup, Gates, and the Smart Mission Briefing Player. What are the differences between virtual and real laser tag games? The first player to tag this element gains the oddball, and their vest turns white. TEAM FIRE Adds a special bonus weapon to the standard game. Our staff is prepared to bring you REAL FUN that’s 500% safe. Take the opponents flag by tagging their base. Survive as long as possible to earn bonus points. We strive to maintain inventory so that we can accommodate and upgrade your existing laser tag attraction right when you need it, sometimes as quickly as 1-2 weeks from receiving an order. GPK Indoor Entertainment, 1300 Alum Creek Drive, Columbus, Oh 43209 LVLT is the PREMIER facility for Laser Tag IN THE LEHIGH VALLEY!!! Tag the white base 3 times to take control of it. When you blast an opponent your selfie will appear on their phaser along with where you tagged them. The last survivor of each round earns 10,000 points. They are regulated in the United States by the laws of the FDA (Federal Drug Administration) CDRH (Center for Diseases and Radiological Health). It works like the other methods except that players queue up outside of the briefing room and don’t reserve or pay until their game card is swiped as they enter the briefing area. } Grand Prix Kart racing event; Archery and Laser Clay Shooting OR 60 minutes play Laser Tag ; Meal in the Pitstop Restaurant; Minimum 14 persons; Invitations (Package with 30 minutes karting instead of grand prix, no minimum amount of people required is €65 pp) With either of these methods your staff will announce from the front counter that its time for all players in the blue (or 3:30) game to report to the briefing area, beginning with about 7 minutes left in the previous game. When it turns red you cannot pass or suffer lost points. Points are awarded for tagging other players, the base, and elements throughout the arena. Plusieurs forfaits disponibles, réservez dès maintenant. You will be provided with an arena package, including partition layouts & details, electrical requirements, and suggested audio / special effects. Choose from one of our several pre-built themes or work with our engineers to design one to fit your arena. LASER TAG FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. After the 10th hit, the player is eliminated from the game. Tag the player who holds the oddball to take it. Work as a group or on your own. A traditional game with no vest lights. Découvrez tous nos tarifs sur notre site web. You’ll be wielding a plastic laser gun and you’ll test your courage and strengthen your team spirit in a fun environment. This also preserves the life of the battery by automatically disconnecting the battery when full. Easily customize the amount of downtime in between deactivations. For a 20 player system, you would begin the day with 20 passes of each color at your POS station. Advantages and Disadvantages of buying a laser tag phaser for home. Where can I play your laser tag equipment? Line up your shot for perfect marksmanship with your red aiming laser, then pull the trigger to shoot your Aurora Laser disabling your opponents. Tag any target, player, and base in the arena to earn points. Fax: 718.797.0278 If a guest purchased 3 games of laser tag, the attendant would record the transaction on your POS, and hand the guest 3 passes, each with a different color corresponding to a different time slot. How long does it take to service repairs? 1 Standard Laser Tag Battle ($29.95 value) • 1 Grand Prix Race ($57.00 value) • Grab a bite to eat at Point Burger Bar As soon as Dracula tags another player, they are converted to a vampire, also turning red. Book Now. Advanced Avionics, Inc. fully complies with all aspects of this regulation Class IIA (< 1 milli-watts). Each team is filled with guards and one VIP. The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. Our touch display has brought a whole new level of interactivity to the game. After 5 seconds, other teams can tag your devices to take them back. Protect your VIP. George Carter invented the Photon after being inspired by Star Wars. Touch to be instantly invincible for a short amount of time! Targets can be programmed to award bonus points or activate arena theming effects. Working with an experienced construction company ensures your arena will be safe, durable, and impressive to keep players coming back. Finally tag your own base to capture the flag. After you capture the hill, defend it from your opponents and get ready to move on to the next hill. Make sure to tag players, targets, and bases or you might be the next one out. The first come first serve method is the simplest and makes it very easy for your guest to purchase a game, but doesn’t allow you to schedule walk-in players in advance. Choose from over 30 different game formats for special players nights. Each other player is a guard, with 20 lives and fast-firing weapons. These rules include: No running, no jumping, and no climbing on objects. All of our systems are rated for outdoor use! Simply use discount code: LASER2 when booking online or call us on 01217036160. Minimizing sound and laser lights is critical, as your vest lights will no longer give away your position. The third icon on the screen will be your instant shields. In some areas, the regulatory burden may make it impractical to add a raised play structure with requirements to use a steel mezzanine, install new sprinkler systems, extra backup lighting and emergency exits. We are specialists in Laser tag - combining the classic games of hide-and-seek and tag with a high tech twist. Location: Xtreme Racing . After all, the more our systems can be used to sell games, the more our customers (you!) The player with the most points when time expires wins the game. An unmatched variety of interactive targets, stations, and special effects give players a truly immersive experience. Targets add excitement and interactivity for any size and type arena. Defining laser tag for 25 years. window.mc4wp.listeners.push( Instead of a colored game pass, this printed receipt is the guests′ ticket into the game. Click the image below to see how to Optimize Your Laser Tag Game Output for Maximum Profitability. (function() { Free Fire Laser Tag. A fan video of a game of Laser Tag at Laser Shooter City Center, the third laser game arena in Hyderabad by Laser Shooter. Laser tag typically requires a single attendant on slower days, and 2 during peak periods when you’re running at nearly full capacity. Instead of automatically reactivating, you must return to any base every time you are hit to respawn. As per our laser safety procedure, we purchase lasers that are certified to the CDRH standard, and then we again verify 100% of our product using a calibrated laser power meter. PROGRESSIVE ELIMINATION A free-for-all game in which the lowest score is eliminated every ute. } At Action 500, safety has always been our top priority. The biggest factors that will decide where an attraction falls in this range include location, population, marketing efforts, and operating hours. For the examples below we have assumed a 20 minute experience for 3 games per hour. Points are awarded for every second the base is controlled. We also work with several third-party finance companies, who can finance a larger percentage of the purchase. We’ve also recently released AI Projector targets so that players not only compete against each other, and targets throughout the arena but also animated 10′ characters. That’s right. Instead of automatically reactivating, you must return to your base every time you are hit to respawn. We get this question all the time! DOMINATION Everything in the arena in white is capturable. FREE FOR ALL Its every player for themselves. The shot rate is slowed to 2 shots per second to reward marksmanship. Despite your staff’s best efforts, some excited customers will drop the equipment onto the ground in their rush to exit after the game and see their scores.