Born and raised on a dairy farm I can identify with with the life of the Pol family. Much more interesting than those crazy reality shows with crazy wife’s,brides and other screamers. This is a great show. Even though we are uncertain of her salary per episode, we can be sure that it was close to Dr. Pol’s. My wife and I watch all possible episodes of Dr. Jan Pol rather than the crap that comes out of Hollywood. Now at present, she is a single mother residing in Michigan with her 2 children Adam Butch and Rachel Butch. Dr Jan Pol Net Worth 2020, Bio, Age, Height, Weight. If you don’t like the show don’t watch it – you don’t have to be so nasty about it just turn your channel and let the rest of us enjoy it! He has a great demeanor, I watch the show religiously……….learned so much about animals and amazing how some of their ailments are very much like our humans are. Go Poll Clinic and long live your series ! Not caring about these rumors he is got engaged with Beth. Now as for Diane going she enjoyed it and was glad to go. And while I do wonder at his lack of participation on some of the farm calls, I am most offended at the way Jan talks to Charles sometime. Farming is hard taking care of large animals and caring for them. I dont care about his finances, I’m watching this show for enjoyment. The program is supposed to be easy for us to understand the Veterinary profession and how it is to have a practice that treats small and large farm animals along side our everyday dog, cat and many such pets!! So sad. His team members include Diane Pol, Emily Thomas who is a doctor by profession and Dr. Brenda Grettenberger. They were all eventually protagonists in the TV reality series The Incredible Dr. Pol. Nothing but respect for the Pols who have loved animals and people alike and make this World a much better place for those of us who respect them. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Those children were lucky to be adopted into such a loving, stable homelife and they seem to appreciate the Pols as well. He is 39 years of age as of this article is written. Beth and Charles also appeared in season 12 of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” confirming their status as boyfriend and girlfriend. He also loves his pets. Required fields are marked *. Days. Your a fuckin idiot! Her sister got married to Greg Butch who got passed away due to cancer in the year 2016. As for what you think he should be doing on the farm calls, as I stated before Charles is not a farmer or vet. And again: thank God kids aren’t in school! Minutes. Some of the rude and crude comments I read are obviously from those who can’t think outside the box. we all are coming from different backgrounds and work in different environments . The whole production shows a sincere love for animals children. I feel like a lot of why I dislike Diane so much is likely due to editing. Charles Pol is TV star known as the cast of the reality tv show ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol“. As the leading man of the farm, Dr. Pol is responsible for making sure things run smoothly. Charles Pol (diplômé de l' Université de Miami en Floride, 2003) Producteur. Thank you for a wonderful hour each week that we can share with our grandkids. But we will assume he didn’t go to the Dr., now if he had a sprain before he would know to stay off his foot for a couple days or even common sense would tell you to stay off your foot for a couple days. You don’t watch it but you have shit to say about it!!!! Charles is the youngest of three adopted children of Dr. Pol and his wife Diane Pol. Jans’s approach to saving lives and treating animals have made the show more popular among all of th… You go Dr.Pol…cause we love you, your show,and everything about your show. By the way the show isn’t about Charles. So following his interest he moved to Los Angeles where he worked with several companies like Parkway production, Paramount Pictures, Mirage Enterprises as an intern to gain some experiences and learn new things.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'wikiabio_com-box-4','ezslot_2',173,'0','0'])); Being an intern he also got various golden opportunities to work with the most important talented legends of Hollywood, including Late Sydney Pollack and many others. Glad to see the ones in the early years before I knew the show was on. At the age of 53 years, most women are expected to be either married or divorced. Even if Charles is not that active on social media platforms however he has got a decent number of followers. Beth Oakes is also a local from Michigan. Charles Pol - Age, Bio, Faces and Birthday. Jan Pol (né le 4 septembre 1942 à Wateren , aux Pays-Bas), a étudié la médecine vétérinaire à l' Université d'Utrecht , obtenant son diplôme en 1970.Déménagé avec sa femme Diane à Harbor Beach, Michigan , et Pol a travaillé pour un vétérinaire pendant plus de 10 ans. He has a sister Kathy Pol. He figured out a way to make a good living while spending time with his parents and helping his father. However, theres a lot more going on with Charles, and if you want to l… The entire cast really seem to be dedicated to the business of animals, treating compassionately the animals presented to them. Sometimes words hurt more than slap in the face or kick in the butt I bet we all know that. But anyway Dr. needed him to go for a ride somewhere, Charles looked at his father and said, Ummm I’m not supposed to go out. Yes, Charles Pol is the adopted child of Jan Pol. I am sure they check to make sure what he says is accurate, so what is the problem? But, watching an episode that centers around his preparation for a pancake eating contest is a waste of my time. His father has a net value of $1 Million. I’m sure Diane’s a great mom, and a really nice person in real life, but in the show, all I manage to see is a very cruel person who relishes picking on her son, and whether he deserves it or not (Let’s face it, Charles DOES invite it, A LOT). If you have a problem with that, it is your problem! Maybe people who don’t like watching you shouldn’t even be on that channel, well those idiots that have half a brain, we all have choises. Dr. Pol Staff 2020 Dr. Jan Ham Pol: Jan Pol who also is known as Dr. Pol is the flag bearer of the Pol Vet Services. I can’t stand it when he is out with his father and there may be 6 or 7 “MEN” there pulling or pushing a cow to help and where is Charles? Instead of playing video games he goes and helps the best he can with bull castrations ,utures and rectal prolapses and all that other really smelly stuff. I believe that the show is honest and sincere. Charles grew up in rural Central Michigan. She learned everything about the farm chores at an early age from her father, who is a Dutch veterinarian popular for the television show “The incredible Dr Pol”.. Kathy husband Gregory Butch died of cancer and the following year her son Adam James Butch also died. These people are working hard to save animals and giving people positive metal well being. Don’t listen to the negativity, but continue to educate by example the importance of fair and kind treatment of all animals. He is famous for his work in the show The Incredible Dr. Pol which was aired on Nat Geo Wild Channel. Keep your negativity and cruelty to yourself!! Speaking of cutting people down, it’s my earnest opinion (note, I stipulated that the following statement is a personal OPINION, and therefore not subject to objectivity) that you seem to be somewhat of a comedian, that or a hypocrite. You don’t watch it but you have shit to say about it!!!! the freedom of speech: People can and will say whatever they please, regardless of where their thoughts come from, and while you’re welcome to agree or disagree as it pleases you, it’s pretty disgusting to de-legitimize people’s earnest opinions as them having “air-filled heads”. So what if he tells his Mom he’s hurting, I bet his Mom likes that. Charles Pol is a well-known actor who came into limelight for his show ‘The Incredible Dr.Pol’. He is, after all, the producer of the show. Charles Pol wiki, bio, gay, girlfriend, age, ethnicity, Kathy Pol, net worth. Bullying by insulting people’s abilities to spell! Everyone should have access to a vet like Dr. Pol. I can see where the root of the problem is for bullying in school: it’s not the kids fault, it’s what the PARENTS do in teaching their kids to spew such garbage. The two maintained friendship in teenage years and as grown-ups too. Her sister got married to Greg Butch who got passed away due to cancer in the year 2016. In his school days, he worked at a Salad Bar. On the shows that show new and produced in August 2020 I don’t believe it – because no one is wearing masks. And this is just simple comments not a spelling contest so man just take a chill not everyone finished college or even highschool. Charles Pol will celebrate 118rd birthday on a Friday 2nd of July 2021. Looking forward to the new series, to see Charles and Beth’s baby. Charles Pol, age 40, is not the biological son of the veterinarian Jan Pol. Sad. Charles pol is a famous American producer and actor. I don’t care how much Charles is worth he is “GROSE”. This beautiful relationship between man and animals this unconditional love. They have adopted a son named Charles right from his birth and daughter Diane at age of 18 after living with them as their foster kid. His foster parents surely took care of him with all of his family support. Born and raised in Central Michigan’s farm country, Charles Pol was adopted by Dr. Jan Pol and his wife Diane Pol at birth. It was her opinion. References. We love Dr. Pol and his family. You can find him only on Twitter as ChuckPol as he does not holds any Facebook or Instagram accounts. I think it is spelled “off” so you should be able to find it. Husband. The picture of the white ring was shared by the lady in her twitter account. Dr. Pol and his wife have two children who were adopted. However, we don’t have any information about Beth’s date of birth and place of birth. His parents raised him in a simple family. Early life: Dr. Pol was born in town in Netherlands called Drenthe on September 4, 1942. Charles Pol Biography, Age, Height, Family, Salary, Net Worth & Images. Are Dr Pol and Diane okay? We use a vet from that side of the world and she is kind and loving to the animals unlike the ones trained elsewhere. The cast includes Dr. Jan Pol, Charles Pol, Diane Pol, Dr. Emily Thomas, DR. Brenda Grettenberger. It is a engaging show and I happen to like it. Pol, 77, was a Dutch foreign-exchange student who attended Mayville High School, where he met his wife, Diane (Dalrymple) Pol, who is a co-star on the TV show on Nat Geo Wild. When Diane speaks she speaks to her son not to world’s fat kids. He is also known for work in TV series The Legend of Sheriff Gus Skinner (2013) and Calling Dr. Pol (2014). Society has truly disintegrated in feeling they have the absolute right to post anything that comes into their air-filled heads! You can tell that she puts a high value on life. He does the most thoughtful gifts for his parents, for instance learning how to play the piano for his Mom and buying them the sports car they had in the 60’s they had to get rid of when they had kids. I do understand those people that are in pain crying when loosing their animals. It’s very educational it teaches u about animal care even prevention. According to Pol, Charles counseled him, “Dad, do your work. He has done his degree in major communication from the University of Miami. Charles proposed his girlfriend with a shiny white ring and also shared the Beth sporting the ring in his twitter account. I feel kinda bad for Charles. Even though we are uncertain of her salary per episode, we can be sure that it was close to Dr. Pol’s. Charles Pol became popular due to the show ‘The Incredible Dr.Pol’. Watch the show all the time. Get the latest and authentic news as well as information about all well-known personalities and celebrities on our website. Charles Pol was born in Central Michigan USA, on 6 March 1979, so under the zodiac sign of Pisces and holding American nationality – he is mostly popular for being an adoptive son of Dr. Pol, and for being part of the main cast of Dr. Pol’s reality TV show entitled “The Incredible Dr. Pol”. And just because the show takes place in the Midwest doesn’t mean mudwesterners are all Hoosiers. He’s funny. He also worked in The Incredible Dr. Pol. It’s a great show. At the age of 53 years, most women are expected to be either married or divorced. In Childhood, he also worked at the bar when he was studying in the school. Charles has been the victim of Gay rumors from fans who did not know about his private life. They would also go on to adopt Diane Pol Jr., who they fostered for years. He claims that it was one of … You tried to give kind replies to some of the stuff posted, and they just don’t cut you a break! His other sibling is Diane Jr. who was also adopted, at the age of 18. It is obvious she and Charles are in love. Wouldn’t miss an episode!!! However, he has more than 25k followers on his Twitter account. According to some source, his net worth stands at $1M. You know I have to defend Charles. Charles is a producer not a farm vet or a farmer and he admits it. For those who criticized Diane for giving Charles hard times eating too much. I cant stand that lazy, ever grinning face any more. He was born on March 6, 1979, in Central Michigan. All of the vets are super busy. According to Pol, Charles counseled him, “Dad, do your work. Maybe u are a guy who is retired and not exposed to angry , mean and yelling people. Through this show, he gained immense popularity and he created a good image of himself amongst the audiences. I know that your net worth is not what his is, think about that!!!! I wished I watched this show 3years earlier when my dog developed breast cancer it all could be prevented just by spaying her. Before Dr. Brenda left, she had been the viewer’s favorite cast. To Willian,Joan, and Wendy She met her husband as a child and got married to him in 2018. I love the show. Previous to Charles's current city of Weidman, MI, Charles Pol lived in Los Angeles CA, Miami FL and Coral Gables FL. Charles worked in production work from 2004 before venturing into acting with his family show “The Incredible Dr.Pol”(2011). Hope he goes back to CA. I am watching the marathon right now. @Silvrfox2u, I envy you if you’ve truly never seen such viciousness in commentary-about ANYTHING! Sad, what/who our society awards. Charles was born in Central Michigan’s farm country on 6th March 1979 which presently makes his age 39 years. Instagram: Charles Pol dad Dr. Jan … By the way… what is a “sits” ? [citation needed] Pol is color blind, unable to correctly distinguish certain colors like green and red. I’m with you Joan I can’t stand his fat ass either o my arm o my leg o my ass and I would have no problem believing his wife is in it for half his moneyi bet that s why Dr Emily left cause of him. As it is true that nobody (much) really cares that one may not like a certain program, it follows that no one also really cares that you love it. He reminds me of my husband,82 going on 50. When scrolling through their photos on their dad’s Instagram account, named thedrpol, we can see their love for each other radiating from their souls. Through that process, we saw a lot of people just very interested in Dr. Pol. How do you know he didn’t go to the Dr.? No one is happy about the COVID all those families that go through the pain of loosing loved ones, and this lady statement u kinda blowing out of proportion she just needed separation from those daily abusers. I also didn’t know he was a Dr. One would think so, especially when he answers questions (medical ones) and yes, I am a nurse! Charles Pol of The Incredible Dr. Pol fame is the number one son who really is his busy dad’s right hand, both in production behind the scenes and in business.. Now the two are collaborating on a very cool YouTube show called Recheck that parallels the Nat Geo WILD award-winning series that follows this tireless veterinarian through sleet, snow and spring babies. I would like to suggest you find something you like so you can be a positive person. Currently, Charles Pol is 117 years, 6 months and 1 days old. You really must not have watched much of the show because Dr. Pol is the star of the show, then the other Dr’s, Dr. Emily, Dr. Brenda. You write a good line about people bullying other people with hate in their hearts, all the while, you’re insulting our intelligence, our families, and assuming that anyone who posts negative commentary on the internet is just a bored school kid, when it’s actually statistically proven that a vast majority of people who begin, take part in, and continue internet arguments tend to be older middle-aged to senior adults. That aside… get rid of this stupid show. I suggest you find another show you like that you can be positive about. Husband. this show is for people that have animals. If you don’t like the show, use you off button. As we can see Charles has moved on with a new girlfriend, the answer can mean only one thing; the relationship with Kelly did not work out. Poll and his colleagues. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Kathy is currently single after her husband died in 2016 battling cancer. Free speech is a wonderful thing but it doesn’t mean to be cruel and hateful. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. God bless all1, Love this show, and all the Staff , if you have nothing nice to say ,don’t say anything, It is nice to see Charles working with his Father ,Congratulations on your Baby. My favorite is Doctor Brenda. Love the show and everyone in it………wish Dr Pol was in New Jersey, To SLA I’m sorry to Mr. Bully wow you do have lots to say but I can talk u out. Charles pol is a famous American producer and actor. the answer to the question is Yes, they are still married for more than two years. Charles aux commandes - L'incroyable Dr Pol : Malgré ses 70 ans, le Dr Pol porte assistance à tous types d'animaux. They charished animals and nature and Dr. Pol loved to play with animals. Good Work, Charles. Charles Pol has been emerging more and more in the recent seasons of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol‘ making him even more famous. He loves watching Doc..Pol as do I. God bless Charles and continued.sucess to u and entire poo family & staff one in the same. Currently, Charles Pol occupies the position of Non-Executive Chairman for Intercede Group Plc. I love the show and all who appear in the show. He’s got a sister Kathy Pol. What our lives at home are absolutely NONE of your concern, and while I’m at it, (being such a mean bully), I’d like add that whenever you’re attempting to seem self-righteous, it’s usually best to remember how to spell your words properly. Pol is married to Diane Pol and has three children. he is a good man who stops to look for hurt turkey in the forest, learns how to play piano just for his mom and he does help his father in many dangerous situations never refuses his dad even though he is not a vet. Early life Charles was born on March 6, 1979, under the Both the siblings were adopted by Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pol right from the birth and there are no reports available about their biological parents. Love the rest of the people. Diane helps to run the day to day office … This is a very educational show. A lot of physical work he does for his Dad. He was born on March 6, 1979, in Central Michigan. If I lived in their hometown, it would be a privilege to work alongside Dr. He is 39 years of age as of this article is written. I am no dummy, I studied for my PhD. u see those strong farmers crying when they put them down. Keep tuning in for new episodes of #DrPol. Charles Pol is the adopted son of Dr. Jan Pol and Diane Pol. The whole team is very dedicated to saving animals, big and small. Is Charles Pol still Married to Beth? Early days were tough from Charles but currently, he has a net worth of over 1 million dollars. Standing by watching 0r pretending to be using all his might. Further his recent commitment with girlfriend clearify the answer. The Incredible Dr. Pol: Charles Pol, son of Dr. Pol himself is married to his wife, Beth Oakes. He also worked on another show as an actor. This is a kid who grew up in this environment, realized this was not his future career…Had the fortitude to come back home and start this production business..This show allows kids and families to better understand what life would be like on a farm.. I see Charles working hard. He was adopted at birth by famous Dutch-American veterinarian Jan Pol, and together with his two sisters, Dian and Kathy, grew up on the farm in Michigan. I do enjoy Dr. Pol’s boisterousness, and how much he really does seem to care about the animals he treats, and makes an effort to form good relationships with his clients and his team. Good God! Pol is married to Diane Pol and has three children. You do know that Charles is a producer, he is going on these runs with his Dad to help him. Change your channel, I’m sure with a remote you don’t even have to get off your butt!! I agree with Joan all the way. He also appeared in a show called Sheriff Legend Gus Skinner in 2013 and another show by the name Calling Dr. Pol which aired in 2014. Below we countdown to Charles Pol upcoming birthday. Charles loved helping his father. By the way congrats on your upcoming new grandchild…to both the parents and grandparents. As for the show I luv it. Yes! He is aged 38 years. Charles doesn’t care; he’s rich now, not of his own talent. It is our favorite on Nat.Geo.Wild. I like episodes with Charles. It is difficult for him to concentrate on an hour long program that gets too involved. Folks: if you don’t like a program, shut your mouth and walk away. Oh man I cried with them. This is an educational, entertaining program, teaching all to have and share compassion. Charles Pol is an American actor and producer. It will be fun watching Charles turn his attention towards his own family and stop tying so hard to impress his father. Many people don’t know that he was adopted by Jan Pol who is a very known American Veterinarian. Charles pol was born on 6th March 1979 in Central Michigan Farm County, under the birth sign Pisces. Charles loved helping his father. I think those of you who are picking on Charles and being flat out cruel have nothing better to do and probably have a boring job and no satisfaction in your life, which make you jealous and act out in a very terrible, self righteous way!!!!! He also got a chance to learn from Hollywood legend, the late, Sydney Pollack. Hours. Charles admits he is no farmer and no vet. On the other hand we have a life lesson of: Psychologically abusing your kids is okay, as long as they’re a legal adult. However, he’s decided to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry and graduated with a degree in communication at the University of Miami in 2003. It’s wholesome and shows compassion for people and animals. Thank you Dr. pol. All of Dr. Pol and Diane’s children have bachelor Degree’s. Your allowed your opinion but keeping it to yourself will make you look better. He is engaged to  Beth Oakes who was his childhood friend. Trust me u will never forget it. Wow very judgmental people posting here. I love this show and the cast as well. They have dated and known each other since they were little kids. Nobody wants to read your vicious comments and nobody really cares if YOU don’t like a certain program. This habit in him comes from his childhood where he used to take care of animals along with his father in their farm who was a veterinarian by profession. Now he has grown up his entire life helping his Dad on farm calls. He used to assist Dr.Pol at the clinic, helping out on farm calls and taking care of the vast number of pets and farm animals they had. All families have their own dynamics, and when everything is being filmed, and then goes through the process of being put on display for the public’s entertainment, it’s really easy to become judgemental of the people we see on our TV screens. If I really WERE a school child, I would likely tell you that chastening other people’s children isn’t your job, and that your “Glad this Covid hit” is also appalling. However, he’s decided to pursue his dreams in the entertainment industry and graduated with a degree in communication at the University of Miami in 2003. This picture of both of them celebrating in a Halloween party created a buzz amongst the audiences. Your a fuckin idiot! unbelievable!! They are all wonderful people and they must be doing a good job or the show would not be so popular?!?! Read about them below; Kathy Pol; Net Worth & Recent Tragic Events. Today I would make different decisions because of Dr.Pol. Birth Sign : Pisces Nationality : American: Ethnicity : Caucasian: Net Worth : $1 million: Hair Color : Light Gray: Eye Color : Black Growing up in Michigan he worked with his father as a sidekick starting at the age of 5. His father would be going on these calls by himself and thank goodness Charles is there to help.