Emily is one of nine doctors working there (the clinic has two locations.) Therapists and medication can keep your thoughts on track. You two are an inspiration of how to make family priority. And two: why on earth were babies used as decorations and what if a centerpiece wasn’t taken home, would they just throw the babies away?! He was a great owner, always wonderful to us, and was even gracious after the fact, knowing that we had done everything we could. He did not recover. We’ve had our first good snow of the year, and the Thomas family made the most out of it!! Closer than Michigan huh? I really truly enjoy reading your blog. Yes, we were told it’s a Front Royal original, but when we went it, it was just like Culvers up in Michigan =D. Think about their answers, try to see it from their side, from their experiences, try to imaging what has caused them to feel this way. Anyway loving your stories, pics and art work and can’t wait to read, see and hopefully hear more from you! Enjoy, rest, and bloom again! What you say about the seasons is spot on. It is a beautiful home and piece of property so hopefully someone will snag it up soon. Also, if there are any other difficult, scary, or noteworthy situations, would love to hear those as well. No manual comes with them to tell you how to prepare them for the world. You wouldn’t lick a toilet seat splattered with diarrhea to help your e-coli or salmonella immunity, would you? Within Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley was appealing. Poll and love the farm calls the most. Is it fear? It looked so miserably cold. I walked out of the clinic enthusiastic that my perspective on life would be a little sunnier in the future. However, if there is anything we learned from Emily Thomas’s blogs, it is that after a long hard early year, she has come to value self-love and health above all else. It takes view points from every angle and dimension to make the picture that is our world. One day, they had a dentist come to the school to teach the kids about dental hygiene. Comment on this. All while teaching her the ways of Jesus? Thanks so much!! I am living in Georgia now, but mainly grew up in Virginia and am a fan of TIDr Pol, so I can relate and am awfully happy for the Thomas family now. I mean, they’re too old to enjoy life anyway, right? Unfortunately, sometimes, we have to put up walls of armor through humor, usually dark humor, so I apologize to those who were offended by my last post, but at the end of the day, we’re all just softies who can’t watch movies where animals get hurt, and who break down crying when we watch a Subaru commercial, but sometimes have to use sarcasm as a way to make it through the day. I will keep up with your sweet family from your blog. Through all of my guilt at being on this medication which increased serotonin (hormone that makes you feel right with the world) levels in my brain that was just not producing enough on it’s own, I complained to my vet mom’s group as we sometimes vent to each other, and someone commented something that changed my whole outlook on this issue. When I got home, I went to put the fish away and realized that I had other fish that I had completely forgotten about and had almost no water in their tanks and were all about to die. I wish you and your family all the best, always. Fans of Dr. Pol’s show adore his colleagues, Dr. Emily, and Dr. Brenda Grettenberger. I have always been blamed for that snow…. One of his beagles he brought to me wasn’t “doin’ too good” and we ended up diagnosing with kidney failure. And the bigger message is they do not have to put off having a family fo… Not only are we enjoying all the outdoor activities Virginia has to offer us. Anxiously awaiting your next post Great photo opportunities. Home Dr. Emily’s Blog. We couldn’t wait! it sounds beautiful and terrible all at the same time =) -tony. I don’t know much else about him, but if I died and came back as a beagle, I would certainly want to come back as one of his. Finally, the owner came in to see him to see if the dog would recognize him. Even though Dr. Emily Thomas was hesitant to come work in Michigan for Dr. Jan Pol, she fell in love with the place. I , too, love the mountains!!! !” Mortified, my eyes attempted to leave my skull as my blood rushed to my face. The woman checking out in front of them was buying two or three cases of diet coke. Dr. Emily Thomas has been in the show Incredible Dr.Pol for quite some time now. We hike a lot, and the kids love it. Are you Dr. Osborn? So, I decided I’d write about the good guys (and gals) who keep me in this profession – and will try to keep it entertaining. All in all, we are super happy in Virginia. She misses her cows and especially her calvings and foalings. Life is short and you need to enjoy your family now while you can before they grow up and go their own ways. Emily wanted to start creating content that entertains and educates people about all sorts of animal care. I was horrified and made sure to buckle the baby in with me. Down right reckless. Think of your sweet Aunt whom you love and would never want to hurt, and how she might feel when she reads your post and wonders why you disapprove of her so. That owner didn’t deserve that. The monster was pure evil and would immediately cause the death of anything that came into his view. I felt completely exposed, helpless, frustrated, panicked.. all the emotions. Much love to you and your beautiful family. Our cost of living is the lowest in Colorado we would relish having a wonderful family like yours in Pueblo. Depending on our lives, what we’ve experienced and the people we know who have experienced different life events, our view on subject matter will differ extraordinarily and we may just need to stop and think about this before we assume the worst. I’m happy for both of you, that you have found your happy home in Virginia but will definitely miss seeing you both when your no longer on the show(once they stop showing those) She was my favorite by far!! Home; Paintings; About the Artist; Contact Emily Thomas; Events; Blog; Daily Paintworks; Painting; Plein Air Painting; Travel Journal; Watercolor Painting; Apr 2020; Feb 2020; May 2019; Apr 2019 ; Mar 2019; Aug 2018; Oct 2017; Sep 2017; July 2017; Follow this Blog. She asked if some people were not able to wear the masks – we answered that a very small minority of people physically or medically cannot wear them, but that was even more of a reason for those of us who can to wear them, to protect others. If your readers might wonder “where the hell is Belgium” ; it’s a tiny country in Europe with a King and 3 different languages (:-) ) ! My father used to live in VA near Smith Mountain Lake and it was the most beautiful area… I miss my visits there terribly. I had no chance to chase him down and keep the peace with Oscar. This 33 years old lady grew up in the locality of Warner Robins, Georgia where she enjoyed exploring the woods and countryside. He is very hopeful to obe day meet Dr Emily. I too have lived in Mi, GA, and now live in Va..Close to Shenandoah River, in Purcellville. Now, I will report to you on my dreams based on last night’s habits. They will offer to buy your house. We ran and jumped onto the roof of a stadium to hide and thankfully our leader came too. She is the University of Georgia graduate where she got a degree in Veterinary Medicine before appearing in the Pol Veterinary Service. I love hearing about how great your lives are now in VA – and I love hearing that you are both working at the same clinic! Thanks for sharing your blog with us! Sounds like things are going well and what an adorable picture of your entire family. The 2020 Thomas Family Christmas Tree. I have literally watched EVERY episode of Dr. Dr. Emily Thomas: A staff DVM at Pol veterinary service, Dr. Emily Thomas left after appearing in the current sixteenth season. This coming summer we’re planning to take the kids down the river in tubes for the first time. We work together at the same veterinary clinic. She was so funny at times, sure gonna miss y’all on the show. Tony and I joke sometimes that if everyone was like him, we would all still be living in caves and hunting/gathering because “it works so why change?” – there would be no inventions or searches for better ways of medicine or technology. Dr. Emily Thomas is more than what meets the eyes, behind the beautiful face the generous heart makes her a wonderful human being. You show that a woman can do whatever they wish, if they are willing to put in the time and work for it. We then ran to where we thought we would be safe – it was the house of a witch type lady, but she wasn’t a witch in the dream, just spiritual and holding power. So, I was complaining to my doctor that I have not been sleeping well as I have been having crazy vivid frustration dreams every night so he suggested I try going without alcohol as it can mess with sleep cycles and REM. Welcome to Virginia! Before leaving the show, Dr. Emily made a name for herself by becoming the fan-favorite due to her boldness. Long story short, if we can prevent spread of the disease, it would be smart, careful, it would be showing love for our fellow man. They merely burned each other with the laser guides. I’m having to take the rescue anti-anxiety medication my HD prescribed on a nightly basis (don’t worry, it’s just an antihistamine). At one point, I even found a huge red striped snapping turtle who was super angry and I was feeding it horse poop. Dr. Emily Thomas is Married to husband, Tony. Happy that you guys are less stressed. Friends and families have been broken up by what color they have decided to vote. We would all die from childbirth or a puncture wound. Some dirt good, some will kill you dead. Please, if you even think you may need help, seek it out. I look forward to hearing about your new adventures. Thank you Tony! Emily Thomas My sweet family, @cultivatewhatmatters, #emsmarvelousbooks, and life that’s simple + slow.Our everyday adventures: emformarvelous.com linktr.ee/emilyayerthomas Question for Dr. Emily. We’re going to be doing a video blog this weekend answering some questions, hope you see it -Tony. Some clients feel the need to connect with us with gifts, which is awesome! Soon Calvin also joined Oscar in skipping, and then India, and we finished the day with skipping races across the living room. That’s when Oscar comes running upstairs and says “Mommy, I want whiskey!” Tony and I look bewildered and ask what he’s talking about and he just says that all the other kids have whiskey and he wants some too! He dragged me up to the guy who had done it to show me his work and says “Mommy, look at all these boats made out of BEER! I love reading the blogs!! I was inspired by the sermons my preacher was giving over the past 4 weeks and thought maybe I could pass the message along to you guys. I would move back to that beautiful state in a heartbeat! My life in my birth city , we do have four seasons and 300 plus days yearly with sunshine. Now days we travel a little farther for hiking. I’m so glad that he appeared to show no animosity towards you! We just found out that you all left Michigan and are now in Virginia. One, Tony was in line to check out at Meijer and had India with him. I was delighted to see that the flower bowl I was taking had some live fish in it. A piece of God’s natural treasure. The winters are much more mild, but the first winter I was here, it snowed over 3 feet. We loved seeing the birth of Oscar and how your bride got into the briches of various animals. A work/life balance is all any of us can pray for. So glad you are in a happier place. She gave birth to the 3rd child on 2018 February. Sometimes, though, the medication you are put on is not quite the right one for you. Or are you read thru and answer questions as if you’re posting your blog? I would start to sweat once I stepped out of the shower, and I wouldn’t stop until I took another one. !” thinking that they were a lost cause and deep down inside, wondering if I should even be associating with them. I just had to laugh and ignore the judging stares. This particular morning, I was swamped. Even though we miss your smiling faces on Dr. Pol, at least we can still keep up with you on your blog. Do you get to work appointments, surgeries, or both? It is way too hot down there. Keep smiling and enjoying a less stressful life along with the better times y’all get with your little ones! India was staring at her for awhile and finally spurted out “Mommy, is that a boy or a girl!? I also was afraid that it would change my personality. They’re my only grandchildren. NOT. The temp is up n down but at least not too severe. I was hoping you two could work together. They took me away from where any of the other parents could hear and told us about India’s participation in the dentistry talk. It sounds like both are perfect fits for you and your family. He found us on the roof and we fired some special water guns at him and ran. I hope you enjoy our first installment Thanks for giving us a glimpse through your eyes. I have told my husband and my friend about your blog. 10/1/2017 5:34:16 PM. Utah State Fair Paint Out. That little puppy was just a little hopping ray of sunshine! Helping them big things with delivering babies had to be one of the best things about being a vet. Dr Emily Thomas is more than what meets the eyes, behind the beautiful appearance the generous heart of her makes her a wonderful human being. Good luck and bless that little family. Be sure to know, you are missed on screen on my tv but knowing you live next door to Tennessee is satisfying. I really wondered how in this world coming from Georgia you could stand or adjust to all the frigid snowy weather. Finally, I sought out a therapist who helped me immensely, but eventually, I still required medication. Best wishes to all of you. Memories they will cherish! Our third desire was for fairly quick access to mountains and the ocean, with mountains being more important. One thing I think is important to know about how we have raised our kids for these stories is to know that we do not have any soda (aka Coke for the Georgia folks or pop for the Michiganders) or juices in the house, therefore any cans, bottles, otherwise packaged beverages are either alcohol or milk (the kids mostly drink water). I am an Associate Professor in Philosophy at Durham University, and an Honorary Fellow at the ACU Dianoia Institute of Philosophy.I’ve written a lot on space and time in the history of philosophy, from the seventeenth to the twentieth century. My kids and I watch Dr Pol together and Dr Emily I’d a HUGE favorite of my 6 year old son Collin. Thanks so much for the update, Tony. Welcome to the Shenandoah Valley! But, as medical professionals, we mostly only get to revisit the cases that are not improving despite the hours of research and brainstorming we have been giving to that animal; who have the call backs from clients complaining or upset; who pour hours of emotional weight onto people; consoling them or talking them through difficult decisions, knowing bad news and preparing to tell the owner who is waiting so hopefully in the room for something “easy” to fix, telling them bad news and just watching as the shock hits them followed by the collapse of their shoulders and welling of tears. Dr. Emily Thomas is married and mother of three kids. I fought and fought her and myself with the idea of starting medication. You should come visit Maine sometime! We could not even reach into the cage to get to the injection port in his IV line. OSCAR!! Dr. Emily Thomas wiki/bio, age. In the CAR!?!”. As an added bonus, a lot of the people at the clinic have children that are roughly the same age as ours. The scenery and wonderful things you are able to do to get in touch with nature is awesome. No, Dr. Emily Thomas will probably not return to ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ at least anytime soon. The kids were actually pretty impressed, but Oscar was most impressed with these model pirate ships someone had made out of soda cans. She holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine. Thank you for taking the time to share your light with us. As a late viewer to the club, courtesy of Disney+, our family has fallen in love with yours through your ‘adventures’ at Pol Vet. Do you guys still keen in touch with Jan, Diane, Brenda, Charles & Nicole? … This was in the middle of nowhere with no access to emergency veterinary care, I was alone, I was still wet behind the ears, and everyone was looking to me to fix it. BUT, I understand outbreaks and highly infectious diseases and how to manage them and keep them under control. It makes your departure more bearable hearing from you. India turned to her father and very loudly proclaimed “That woman is buying a LOT of BEER! The pace of our new clinic is much more manageable. India then took Calvin by his arm and dragged him kicking and screaming to the front of the store while we checked out. If you ever travel through Tappahannock give us a shout. She is active on social media and doesn’t shy to posts pictures of herself and her family. So enjoying it but wonder why she really left Pol clinic . I think y’all should write a book now! They have made new friends and they enjoy their new school and daycare. We wanted a place where we would get some snow, some heat, and a lot of the beautiful days that fall in between. I’m also a transplant from the North. I live in Manassas and you are invited over for dinner anytime! He had brainwashed numerous people to help him find us. I hope you sell your home in Michigan soon so that burden will be off your family. Posted by Emily Telfair, ND in Dr. Emily's Blog Views. Have you treated the Sharer’s dogs they are famous youtubers from Virginia as well…. I also live on the east coast. Dr. Emily Thomas is a taken woman for any hopefuls still larking out there. Even more exciting than tubing the river, this summer will be Calvin’s first trip to the ocean. So the message that my preacher was talking about was that no matter how we vote, we are all still the same people, the same body of Christ (or humanity if Christianity isn’t your thing). Oscar ran around the ENTIRE time, hopping on one leg, around the tree, jumping over the strand of lights plugged into the wall, all to simulate being his tyrannosaurus ornament who had lost a leg. Tony, wearing work gloves, gets stabbed several times through the gloves to get it loaded on the sled and we consider donating this tree and getting another. The move, of course, was stressful. You guys are great! I can see it on Emily’s face, from the recent pics, that a lot of stress has left her. Dr. Emily Thomas was born in Warner Robins, Georgia, in 1984. We looked around wildly and then found him on the side of one of the walkways, pants around his ankles, peeing into the decorative bushes. Dr. Emily, I am loving your blog. So, I just took a few moments, trying to gather just the right way to explain it to her and finally said; I made the decision to go Christmas tree shopping this past weekend. Happy that you guys are happy and settled in. My question is simple and probably too nosy but I want to ask anyway. So happy you are all happy. I had mixed thoughts about this. Hope you sell the house in Michigan soon. I’m trying to talk Emily into doing a vlog for a Q&A post. The environment around her set a perfect platform and leaned her toward nature. As of now, Dr. Emily’s net worth is around $500,000. There have been rumors trying to speculate the main reason she left Michigan for Virginia. The “witch” was able to use her power to get the men to aim their guns at each other to prevent them from firing. Hopefully it gives you all a little laugh. Also love all the pictures. On this particular incident, we were living in Michigan and shopping late at *the best store in the world* “Meijer”. A Different Kind of Doctor. Dr. Emily Thomas after leaving the show The Incredible Dr. Pol. Did you ever want to be anything else? We hid out in her place, thinking she could shield us from the monster, but his people found us and raided the house. The bowl was a flimsy plastic and the water kept sloshing out and I was struggling to keep the fish in the bowl. So, I woke up tired. Rivers and Mountains are so pretty. I’m not even talking about spending all the money on all the available diagnostics and treatments, just giving a medication every 8 hours like I said, or applying ear medication once EVERY day, or decreasing the number of treats and food given and getting their dog to lose weight. And, as always, thanks for reading. I wish you all success, happiness, and peace. Lack of understanding of another person’s situation? We all fell in love with her on the show and I watch the re runs with her every chance I get. As someone mentioned, How was everyone at Dr. Pol when they found out you were leaving? It may take another year to determine if there will be any long term effects. So, being a polite, considerate owner when things are okay for you and your pet, or taking advice on treatment for your animal, or letting us know when something got better (even if we totally expected it to) is all it takes to be a good client in our eyes. When I was married, I signed my spouse up on a creative date website. Dr. Thomas holds a graduate degree from the renowned University of Georgia College in the year 2010. But I would like to see y’all on another tv show though! He took off down the aisle and started across the store. Emily and I both have a considerable amount of family in Georgia. Pulling into the farm, we see it is PACKED! Then, he finally got to where his dog would eat biscuits. I think I held my breath until after the commercial break, to see if she was even conscious. They loved it and still do. I’ll bet Emily does miss working with the large farm animals. They’ve gone hiking in the nearby parks & like that they can drive to other states. However, if you were to dig around Emily’s online blog, there might be some clues to her departure. I’m so happy you have found a place that gives you balance between work and home. We are an intelligent species with a 4D spectrum of life experiences and ideas. Family is so important and with little ones you don’t want to miss a thing. Keep writing and posting ! Last night, I felt like my chest was caving in, every single sudden or loud sound made me angry. We get it trimmed and loaded and drive home, welts slowly growing all over Tony’s hands and arms, he is dousing his hands in hand sanitizer to help relieve the itch. There have been farm clients that understand that we are hot, tired, likely deprived of calories. Decorating of the tree goes much more smoothly than it could have with a destructive 3 yr. old, only 2-3 ornaments were broken, but that’s why I had my trusty hot glue gun plugged in and ready to go. It maintained … Thanks for the update on the new clinic. Are there any plans or possibilities for you to eventually do another show? GO DAWGS! The dentist had been talking about things that are not good for your teeth and had asked the children to participate by going around the room to each say something. 21w. I had to stop the encounter before he completely had her in his trance. Dr. Emily was born as Emily Keene on 1st April 1984 in Georgia, the southeastern state of U.S. Virginia is a wonderful state! When I was working at my first job in South Carolina, it was my first time being a small animal vet and there was a huge learning curve. But this time, they looked a little more concerned. Yes you will definitely be missed on Dr. Pol but as long as there are re-runs I will be watching as you always miss something and I have to say Dr. Pol is my favorite show. In small animal, I have dealt outbreaks when anti-vaxxer breeding kennels broke out with parvo as well as the not uncommon kennel cough outbreaks when people take their dogs to groomers, dog parks, kennels, etc. I, admittedly, thought that people on medication for their mental issues were just not trying hard enough. Though I will miss you both dreadfully on Dr. Pol, I admire your desire to find a balance between all aspects of your lives, and I hope you are soon able to sell your house in Michigan so that all your attention can focus on making life the best it can be in VA. They have two children together. To the South of the Netherlands in fact. I think his dog has had the same vet most of his 16 years. Cheers, Kids. Unfortunately, there is no effective vaccination for the feline form. It’s my turn!!! I CAN. Good timing, HD. I remember the guy saying “ouch” and thinking “how can he say anything without a face/neck?”. Dr. Thomas has had the opportunity to travel to northern Thailand where optometric volunteers provided over 26,000 Thai people with free eye examinations and prescription glasses. Nouvel Article de notre experte Emilie LEBEE-THOMAS (Directrice d’Hôpital résidant aux Etats-Unis, Rédactrice en Chef du Blog www.hopital-trotter.com et à la tête du Pôle Santé de l’entreprise Dialog Health, spécialisée dans l’organisation de voyages d’études professionnels dans la … On to the point! Tony starts with the cutting down after we all have professed that this is “the one”. Saturday morning came! We planned to wean down the dose of my medication slowly – you know, so I didn’t die – and it would take about 3-4 weeks to get it out of my system before we could start with the new one.