An All-Out Battle at the Oris Plaza! Luffy Gets Angry! His Name Is Sniperking! Nami's Soul Cries Out! The Second Round of the Duel! Magellan's Tricky Move! Nico Robin: The Woman Who Draws Darkness! Thank You, Merry! A Noble Family! Oda went on to work as an assistant to some of the biggest manga artists in the industry, including Nobuhiro Watsuki, before winning the Hop Step Award for new artists. Zoro Fights a Duel on Bandit's Bridge. Obtain the Five Keys! Dalton’s Resolve! Big Guns Assembled! A Desperate Situation! The Pirate Alliance's Great Advance! Luffy vs. Zoro, Mysterious Grand Duel! A Battle of the Two Vice Admirals! Nami: The SBS still hasn't started!!Eh!! The Great Swordsman Mihawk! Sand Croc and Water Luffy! 4 3. Luffy’s Emergency Situation! Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Manga Continuity). The Hero Descends! The Friends' Whereabouts! Blackbeard and Shiryu of the Rain! The Navy's Strongest Lineup in Position! Luffy Astonished! The Power That Can Burn Even Fire! The Most Heinous Power! The Warrior Known as the "Devil!!" Our Bodies Vanish! A Moving Castle! Satori, the Mantra Master! The King of the Day! An Island Without Doctors? The Unheard-Of! Clima Takt Burst! Amino criado no intuído de trazer conteúdo e interações entre fãs de One Piece. A Celestial Dragon Drifts In! [Lire En Ligne] One piece - Edition originale Vol.82 : Un monde en pleine agitation Télécharger PDF EPUB KINDLE MOBI, Télécharger One piece - Edition originale Vol.82 : Un monde en pleine agitation Ebook Livre Gratuit pdf, epub, Kindle mobi One piece - Edition originale Vol.82 : Un monde en pleine agitation Télécharger PDF gratuit Livre (PDF, EPUB, KINDLE) The Third One! Wano Country! Tension Rises in Onigashima! Time to Fight Back! Click the episode number to see more info. A Foiled Escaped Plan! A Difficult Fight for Luffy! Desperate Struggle at the Auction House, Admiral Kizaru Takes Action! A Great Clash! The Girl Was Called a Devil! Jet Pistol of Anger! The story follows the adventures of Monkey D Luffy, he is a boy whose body gained the properties of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit. He sports a bicorne adorned with his Jolly Roger, tied around his neck with a string, much like Luffy with his straw hat. Is the Path to Becoming a True Comrade Rigorous? The Insatiable Akainu! He wears a partially unbuttoned black vest underneath a light blue ca… Saying Goodbye and Descending from the Elephant - Setting Out to Take Back Sanji! The Dream Sinking in the New World! Hogback's Evil Medical Practices, Luffy Is the Enemy! Hoist the Counterattack Signal! Led by a Bell's Sound! Blazing Knight Sanji!! Keep Shirahoshi Safe! Bon Clay's Cries From the Heart! Monsters Appear! Luffy vs. Eternal Friends! The Hero on the Tower of Law! A Major Turnaround! bonjour a tous je vous montre ma collection de livre de one piece ABONNER vous SVP Uprising of the Navigator! Luffy vs. the Mink Tribe! Pandemonium! Proteção contra spoiler . Banco One Piece Livre. 80 Chapter 802 (p. 3-5 & 13-15), Gambia, his crew, and his allies make their way to Zou. Sunny in a Pinch! A Desperate Situation - The Iron-Tight Entrapment of Luffy! Target: Usoland! The Assassins Attack! A Seriously Heated Race! The Straw Hats Defeated?! The Pirate Alliance Comes Apart! Get the Hang of It! A Legendary Samurai - The Man Who Roger Admired! Luffy vs. Blackbeard! See more Popular Wiki Entries. A Town That Welcomes Pirates? The First Line of Defense? A Deadly Monster Comes Flying In! It All Started on That Day! The Girl in Search of Her Yagara! It became one of the best selling manga or Number 1 for the eleventh consecutive year in 2018. A Shocking Confession! The Battle Against the Big Tiger! A Farewell to Arms! Deliver Princess Vivi! Arlong's Female Leader! To the Place We Promised in 2 Years! The Two Awaken! Priest Gedatsu! The Protectors of the City of Water! The Battle Ends! Miss Kaya's Desperate Resistance! Fierce Sword Attacks! It Repels Everything! Navy Headquarters Admiral Aokiji! Arriving at the Phantom Island, Zou! To the Reverie - The Straw Hats' Sworn Allies Come Together. Skypiea's Upholder of the Law! Rebecca Is Kidnapped! Kaido Returns - An Imminent Threat to the Worst Generation! The Musician, Humming Brook! Demon-Slasher Zoro vs. Ship-Slasher T-Bone! Hordy's Onslaught! Zoro vs. Baroque Works! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily, Hurry Back to Your Friends! The Determination of the Straw Hats! An Incident That Will Affect The Seven Warlords! Pirates Get On the Move! It has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine since July 22, 1997, & has been collected into 96 tankōbon volumes as of April 2020. Luffy and Toriko's Hard Struggle! The Friends' Whereabouts! The Admiral's Decision! Luffy's Fight on the Snow-Capped Mountains! The Captains Square Off! The Bond Between Prisoners! A Descendant of the Beast! He'll Come - The Legend of Ace in Wano Country! Shirahoshi's Tears! Feast of the Zombie Song! The Time Is Ticking Down! Fire Fist Ace Dies on the Battlefield! The Numerous Rivals Struggle Amongst Themselves! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island! Adventure in a Nameless Land! Hakuba vs. Dellinger! To the Reverie - Princess Vivi and Princess Shirahoshi! Surprising Confession! Setting Out With a Smile! The King of Salvagers, Masira! Decken Close Behind! The Story of How the Brothers Met! The Power of a Full Stomach - New Gear Fourth Tankman! Sending a Shock Wave! Big Mom and Jinbe, The Yonko's Castle - Arriving at Whole Cake Island. The King of the Night! Overwhelming! Luffy's Mournful Cry! Impel Down - Level 5.5! An Island of Giant Birds and a Pink Paradise! Moving Into the Final Phase! Landing Operations Start! Battle on the Lowest Floor - Level 6! ↑ One Piece Manga — Vol. The Astonishing King Punch! Luffy's Angry Iron Fist Strikes! An Underground Maze! The Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army, Sabo! Rescuing Our Friend! A Bunch of Animals? As Consciousness Fades Away... Cannon Fire Sinks the Island! Here Comes Lucy! Don't Mess With the Whitebeard Pirates! The Headliner! Fish-Man Arlong's Fierce Assault From the Sea! Law and Zoro Finally Appear! Join Now Create Post . Everything is for Her Friends! A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Plunging Into the Devil’s Sea! Eneru's Judgment and Nami's Wish! Adventure in the City on the Water! Shirahoshi's Life in Jeopardy! The Battle is Over! The Sisters' Abhorrent Past. A Collision of Haki! Lurking in the Darkness - An Assassin Targetting Luffy! One Piece Livre. Waiting in the New World! The Fish-Man Island Facing Destruction! This is the Sand-Sand Clan's Secret Base! Jonathan's Surefire Secret Tactic! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man! Capture Robin! Silver Fox Foxy! Read One Piece Vol 96 Chapter 972 – I am Oden, I was born to boil! Sanji's Full Course of Foot Techniques! The Gray Terminal in Crisis! Catch Up With Luffy! Save O-Tama - Straw Hat, Bounding through the Wasteland! The Promise From a Distant Day! The Holyland in Tumult - The Targeted Princess Shirahoshi! Execution Order Issued! Sanji Gets a Startling Invitation! The cover features Big Mom and Kaido fighting in the background. A Surprising Fact! Robin's Past! Everyone Makes a Great Escape! The Escapee Team in Trouble! To the Reverie - Rebecca and the Sakura Kingdom. The Strongest Man in the Prison! 'One Piece', c’est une série conséquente, lancée en 1997. Jump Towards the Falls! Sail the White Sea! Usopp the Man and the Eight-Foot Shell! Galley-La Company! Proving His Merit at the Marine Dining Hall! Knock Him Down!! The Rupture Human! A Disaster for Sanji! Big Names Duke It Out! The G-5 Wiped Out! The Song That Connects the Past With the Present! A Kingdom of Love and Passion Dressrosa! A Pirate Ship That Can Only Await Her End! The Threat of Mole - Luffy's Silent Fight! The Mysterious Visitor, Tyrant Kuma, Oars + Moria! Pirate Luffy vs. God Eneru! Beautiful Mermaids! Sanji of the Sea Restaurant! CP9 Takes Off Their Masks! The Master's Inhumane Experiment! The Fateful Final Conclusion! Hurry up, Luffy! The Mysterious Skeleton Floating in the Fog! Attack on a Celestial! The Unleashed Swan! The Last Battle for Escape! The Ordeal of Iron! Iceburg Targeted! Usopp's Quick Thinking and Fire Star! PS: Le Tome n°85 de One Piece sort le 3 Janvier 2018 et le Coffret DVD One Piece … Zoan-Type Devil Fruit! Landfall at Loguetown! A Deadly Elephant Climb! A Mysterious Mermaid Appears? Wano's Most Beautiful Woman - Komurasaki! Awakening After 500 Years!! In the foreground (in clockwise rotation) on the right side: Kozuki Momonosuke, and Raizo; in the middle center: Hyogoro, Tony Tony Chopper, and Mon… Showdown Between Cooks! Hunter Sanji Makes an Entrance? Everyone Together! Save the Children! Luffy Is the Trump Card for Victory! The Truth About the Ancient Weapon! Landing at the Maiden Island! No Escape!? Miracle in the Drum Rockies! Hordy's Long Awaited Revenge! Morgan vs. Luffy! Wake Up - Kenbunshoku Able to Top The Strongest! Luffy Sinks Into the Ice-Cold Lake! The Land of Souls - Mom’s Fatal Ability! A Reunion With Bon Clay! On the Front Lines of the Burning Love Rescue! Usopp’s the Strongest? A Strong Wind and a Surge! Head for God's Shrine! The Luffy Pirates Set Sail! Mock Town, the Town of Ridicule! Buggy's Chaos-Inducing Plan! Advance, Law! The Great Shadow-Seizing Pirate's Trap! Luffy vs. Largo - The Battle Is On! A Living Hell - Luffy, Humiliated in the Great Mine, The Holy Land in Tumult - The Yonko Blackbeard Laughs Boldly. The Ulitmate Zombie vs. the Straw Hat Crew. One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy who became a rubber man after accidently eating a Devil Fruit. Swordsman Zoro vs. Acrobat Cabaji! Tori Tori no Mi, Modelo: Fênix. The Kozuki Family and the Poneglyphs! One Piece Treasure Cruise is a mobile (iOS and Android) game under development by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. The Guy Who’s the Closest to Invincible? The Last Light of Hope! A Promise Between Men! Among those on the high seas is a youth on a quest to be king of them all – Luffy, the Straw Hat Pirate! A Jail Break at the Sky Island and the Incident on the Winter Island! Brownbeard in Grief! Luffy Gets Caught in a Trap! Justice for the Winners! A Raid! Battle Against Giants! The Return of Captain Buggy! The Pirate Ship Disappears! Fire at the Out-Of-Control Chopper! Doflamingo Makes His Move! Is it Japanese shōnen manga series illustrated & written by Eiichiro Oda. Rouge. Straw Hats in Shock! Ryugu Palace! The Ryugu Palace in Shock! The Haunting Ties! The Powerful Grizzly Magnum! Anger Erupts! Punk Hazard Explodes! Luffy vs. the Giant Dragon! Beyond the Snow Falling on the Sea! The Ordeal of Spheres! The Sabaody Archipelago, Tyranny! Hot Emotions and Brotherly Bonds! Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Luffy vs. Aokiji! Unveiled! Enter: A Samurai's Horrifying Severed Head! 80 Chapter 801. Showing Off His Techniques! The Copy-Copy Montage! Where Vivi's Voice Gets Heard! CP9 Goes Into Action! The Rendezvous - Luffy, a One-on-One at His Limit, Sanji Comes Back - Crash! The Love Song Heard in the Clouds! Showdown in the Ruins! The Danger of the Fake Straw Hats! Chopper’s Seven-Form Transformation! A Formidable, Unknown Warrior! Doflamingo Makes His Move! Serious Hannyabal. But Luffy’s life changed when he … A Big Rice Cake Tossing Race at the Castle! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro! The Pirate Graveyard of No Escape! The Bad News Has Reached Them! The Devil's Fist - A Show Down! Get to Building R! Ordeal of String and Ordeal of Love?!? Across the Deadly Iron Bridge! The Worst Generation Goes Into Action! A Hero Who Freed the Slaves! A Belief Worth Begging to Live For!! The Silent Assault!! Mera Mera no Mi. Nami's Decision! Apis, a Mysterious Girl! The First Patient! Their Shocking True Faces! Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family! ↑ One Piece Manga — Vol. God's Challenge Is Set in Motion! The Ferocity of an Ultimate Powerhouse! Sanji's Life Under Threat! My Enemy Is the Immortal Princess, Perona Is Terrified!! Luffy vs. Usopp! Zoro's Deadly Attack! Coby and Helmeppo’s Struggles in the Marines! A Captivating Flavor - Sanji's Cake of Happiness, The Man of Humanity and Justice - Jinbe, a Desperate Massive Ocean Current. Erumalu, the City of Green and the Kung Fu Dugongs! Eternal Farewell? Luffy’s Enraged Counterattack! Beast Tamer Mohji vs. Luffy! The End of the Legendary Man! Ride the Knock-Up Stream! Queen's Secret Plan! ↑ 4.0 4.1 One Piece Manga — Vol. A Vast Fleet Appears! Quit Dreaming! Enter the Desert Pirates! The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew, Feudal Era Side Story! Luffy and Zoro Launch the Counter-Attack! The Seventh Member Is Nico Robin! Is a Japanese shōnen manga series illustrated & written by Eiichiro Oda. Luffy and Barto's Great Adventure! Jango the Hypnotist! The Tin Tyrant and Tin Plate Wapol! The Ultimate Power! Nami's Determination and the Straw Hat! The Straw Hat Pirates vs. CP9! The Vow of the Brotherhood! A Rocky Road! An Explosive Situation - Two Yonko Going After Luffy, Sabo Enraged - The Tragedy of the Revolutionary Army Officer Kuma. Zoro's Desperate Fight! It''s an incredible piece of literary genius'' - 5 STARS ''A story that needs to be told'' - 5 STARS ''An inspirational and very moving story'' - 5 STARS ''Just brilliant. Who's the Mysterious Pretty Girl? The Queen's Return to the Kingdom! Rebel Warrior Koza! The Legend Has Started! Com sua tripulação, os Piratas do Chapéu de Palha, Luffy explora a Grand Line em busca do tesouro mais procurado do mundo, o "One Piece", a fim de se tornar o próximo Rei dos Piratas. To Save Her Friends! The Buster Call Invoked! Risking Their Lives! Luffy at the End of His Tether! Depuis, il est capable de contorsionner son corps élastique dans tous les sens, mais il a perdu la faculté de nager, le comble pour un pirate ! The Show Begins! A Mysterious Forest Full of Candies - Luffy vs. To the Navy Headquarters! Finally Clashing - The Ferocious Luffy vs. Kaido. That Man Is the Humming Swordsman! A Solitary Island in the Distant Sea! The Great Battle on Ice Begins! Malediction - Departure in Song of Tonoyasu. It's On - The Special Operation to Bring Down Kaido! O: Yes! Anger Erupts! The Morning Sun Shines on the Nightmarish Island! Portgas D. Ace,[12] born as Gol D. Ace[6] and nicknamed \"Fire Fist\" Ace,[4] was the adopted older brother of Luffy[7] and Sabo, and son of the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his lover, Portgas D. Law vs. Doflamingo! The Sword's Name Is Sniperking? The Delinquent Comes Home! A Desperate Situation! Margaret Is Turned to Stone!! The Nobles' Plot Closing in on the Brothers! The Island Where God Lives and Heaven's Judgment! partez a la découverte des livres sur le monde de One Piece !! Ace's Convoy Begins! Freedom Taken Away! The Implacable Three - A Big Chase After the Straw Hats! The thi… Le manga One Piece, écrit par le célèbre auteur mangaka Eiichiro Oda, est le manga le plus vendu au monde. Luffy Dies at Sea!? Climbing Up a Waterfall! Startling! Zeff and Sanji's Dream! Orochi's Hunting Party! The Wait Is Over! Curtain-Up on a New Adventure! A Great Escape! Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations! Ruins and Lost Ways! Pirate Butler, Captain Kuro! The Force That Could Destroy the World! The Spear of Elbaf - Onslaught! The King of Animals That Overlooks the Sea! A Navy Vice Admiral With a Fist of Love! Hiyori's Confession! ↑ One Piece Manga — Vol. I Can't Protect Anyone Unless I Win! One Piece Manga – Japanese (ワンピース, Wan Pīsu) Is a Japanese shōnen manga series illustrated & written by Eiichiro Oda. The Straw Hats Stunned! The Untold Story Behind Luffy and Sabo's Reunion! Sanji, the Iron Man of Curry! A Dirty Trick Violates the Sacred Duel! The End of the Match?! The Great Swordsman Mihawk! Former God vs. Sky God Eneru's Goal! Say You Want to Live! A Trap on Lovely Street! Luffy vs. Vivi! Two Emperors of the Sea Meet?! A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! Start to Counterattack! Big Showdown on the Judicial Island! Dreams Don't Come True?! The Secret Revealed! The Fierce Fight Begins! No Way Out! The Dog and the Cat and the Samurai. The Navy Headquarters Falls! The Strongest Man - Shutenmaru, the Bandits Brigade Chief! Capture M! The Ultimate Shadow’s Destination! Gaimon and His Strange Friends! Luffy’s Feelings! Fukurou's Miscalculation! The Fighting Fish Strike! Special thanks to the contributors that make this page possible. All-Out Special Power Battle!! The Plague Rounds Aim at Luffy! Open the Second Gate! A Cheeper of Giant Birds and a Pink Showdown! Transformed Into Nami! Decision Time for Luffy! I'm Luffy! face of Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook... 3, 2, 1, Go please!! Charging into the Enemy's Territory - Bakura Town - Where Officials Thrive! Pirate Luffy vs. War Demon Wyper! Luffy vs. Fujitora, Head-To-Head! To the Land of Samurai where Cherry Blossoms Flutter. The Man Who's Gonna Be King of the Pirates! Zoro Bares His Fangs! An Uproarious Deadly Battle at the Execution Ground! One Shot, One Kill - Thunder Bagua! To Annihilate the Straw Hats! Goodbye Drum Island! The Gentleman Skeleton's True Identity! To the Sea Someday! Level 3 - Starvation Hell! Bounty! To the New World! Sanji and Usopp's Fierce Battles! The Stunning Secret of Trebol! Dragon Claw Strikes! Luffy explores With his crew of pirates the Straw Hat, the Grand Line in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “Wan Pīsu” or “One Piece” in order to become the next King of the Pirates. The Rain-Summoning Powder and the Rebel Army! Second Gear Activated! Full View of Enies Lobby! Thousand Arms Cracker, An All-Out Duel - Gear Fourth vs. the Bisu Bisu Ability, The Benefactor's Life - Sanji and Owner Zeff, The Past that He Let Go of - Vinsmoke Sanji, To the East Blue - Sanji's Resolute Departure, A Battle of Limits - Luffy and the Infinite Biscuits. Devil Fruit Powers! Luffy Finally Shows Up! Bringing Down the Yonko - A Secret Raid Operation Begins. An Explosive Situation! Caesar's Defeat! The Moment of Big Mom's Assassination, Cutting the Father-Son Relationship - Sanji and Judge, Escape From the Tea Party! Lava Fists Pummel Luffy! Miracle on Skypiea! Moving Across the Ground! Zoro's New Special Secret Technique Blasts! Full of Enthusiasm! A Special Presentation Related to the Movie! The Ultimate Team Has Formed! The Boy at the Gray Terminal! Farewell to the Brave Pirates! A Lead Performer! Sanji's Food and Ghin's Debt! Roar, Secret Superspeed Mecha! A Big Surprise! They Finally Clash! 80 Chapter 803. Usopp's Tears! Rebecca and the Toy Soldier! The Pumpkin Pirates! Sanji's Stolen Dream, Save Me, Hero!! The Last - and Bloodiest - Block! I Won't Run! Cavendish of the White Horse! Scent of Danger! A New Crewmate! Brook and the Cape of Promise! The Noah Closing In! Sanji vs. Ramen Kenpo. Result of the Broken Promise! Its Name Is the New World! The Straw Hat Crew vs. 100,000 Enemies. The Ninja Group vs. Zoro! Tense Zoro vs. Eric! The New Fleet Admiral of the Navy! Caesar's Horrendous Experiment! The Day the Sea Train First Ran, Spandam's Scheme! The Legend Is Back! Wait for Luffy! Operation Failed! The Forbidden Move: Venom Demon! The Beast Pirates, Jack! Blackbeard’s Darkness Attacks Ace! par Eiichirô Oda aux éditions Glénat. Disembarking on Thriller Bark! The Straw Hats Stunned! The Yokozuna Appears - The Invincible Urashima Goes After O-Kiku! The Judicial Island! Luffy Gets into a Desperate Situation! The Power That Will Shorten One's Life! A Pirate Group Worth Over 600 Million! Trickling Down the Great Battle! Big News! Meeting Again After Two Years! Thoughts of Home! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream! The Traitorous Zombie Protects Nami. Defeat Sugar! A Fierce Fight Against Holdem! The Most Violent Fighter! Luffy's Father Revealed! Finally, It's Over - The Climax of the Intense Fight against Katakuri. Ability to Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have! The End of the Adventure - Sanji's Resolute Proposal, I'll Wait Here - Luffy vs. the Enraged Army, Invading the Chateau - Reach the Road Poneglyph, A Fateful Confrontation - Luffy and Big Mom, Shout of the Soul - Brook and Pedro's Lightning Operation, Goodbye - Pudding's Tearful Determination, The History of the Left Eye - Pedro vs. Baron Tamago, Moist Cigarette - The Night Before Sanji's Wedding. Luffy's Treatment Begins! A Deadly Poison Crisis - Luffy and Reiju! Zoro's Hectic Household Chores! Little Oars Jr. - Full Speed Ahead! Distinguished Pirates! The Beginning of the New Chapter! Fujitora Takes Action! Mortal Combat on the Bridge of Hesitation! Brook vs. the Mysterious Torso Samurai! Sunny and the Dangerous Trap! Special Edition! With a total of 99 reported filler episodes, One Piece has a very low filler percentage of 10%. Sanji's Shock! The Stratagem of the Century! The Great Battle on the Slope! Priest Shura! 20. Usopp Dead?! A Man Who Talks of Dreams and the King of Undersea Search! Usopp vs. Daddy the Parent! Rescue Our Friends!