Tel:+221 33-869-61-97. The compact is designed to reduce poverty and invest in economic growth by unlocking the country’s agricultural productivity and expanding access to markets and services. #sunudevt USAID - US Agency for International Development Lecture Pour Tous distribue près de 1 000 000 de matériels didactiques pour la nouvelle année scolaire en appui au programme national du Ministère de l'Education nationale du Sénégal d’utilisation des langues nationales (wolof, seereer, pulaar) dans l’apprentissage initiale de la lecture en classe de CI, CP, et CE1. Similarly, the organization's cross-cutting efforts in promoting democracy, rights and good governance, empowering women and girls, advancing prosperity, building resilient societies, and mitigating … Contact List . USAID/Senegal: Agriculture and Natural Resources Management. Please use the information below to contact the USAID Office of Inspector General. E-mail: GoLD is leading a major coordination effort among 17 multi-sectoral projects in Senegal, helping to deliver results despite substantial operational … And together, we've made great progress. USAID/Senegal. COVID-19 may dampen in-person interactions, but in Senegal, the USAID/Governance for Local Development (GoLD) Activity demonstrates that effective collaboration is possible. The USAID Passerelles Senegal project works to improve access to high-quality, relevant education for more than 259,000 children and youth in four regions: Kedougou, Kolda, Sedhiou and Ziguinchor. USAID SENEGAL. Congressional, Media, or General Inquiries For media or general information inquiries, contact the OIG’s Immediate Office by mail, telephone, or fax. USAID/Senegal. USAID's work on education is already reaching millions in extreme poverty. USAID/Senegal has a broad government to government (G2G) portfolio. Since 2011, ChildFund Senegal has carried out Phase 2 of the USAID-funded Community Health Program (PSSC2), to improve the health of Senegalese families nationwide. 09/11/2020 . E-mail: Abt Associates Child mortality and malaria-related deaths have dropped, access to family planning has risen, In Senegal, FHI 360 builds the capacity of individuals and institutions to deliver comprehensive, integrated services that strengthen the national health system, promote transparency and accountability across government agencies and increase access to quality education. For more than a decade, we've collaborated with the government, health workers, and other local stakeholders in Senegal to strengthen the country's health systems and bring high-quality, integrated health services to more communities than ever. Since January 2003, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has sought to improve lives and protect resources in southeastern Senegal in a new, unique program promoting conservation, poverty reduction and good governance (nature, wealth, and power). Peace Corps. Corps de la Paix Américain Sénégal Almadies Lot N/1 TF 23231 Dakar Yoff BP 2534 Tel (221)33 859 75 75 Fax (221)33 859 75 90 Website: Webmaster. Senegal's compact entered-into-force on September 23, 2010. This post was originally published on the Learning Lab Blog. Dr. Matar Camara, CTO Policy and Health Financing Specialist.