La première se déroule à Hawaii, dans l'épisode 21 de la saison 2 de la série Hawaii 5-0 portant le même nom. As Williams gained experience and confidence as a police officer his willingness to challenge McGarrett’s authority diminished. New Jersey When we first met him Dan was a smoker, but it appears that he kicked the habit, perhaps under the influence of McGarrett, who was a devout non-smoker. During his term with 5-0, he was wounded several times and held hostage at least twice; his fiancée and several of his friends were killed; his best friend manipulated his friendship in an attempt to escape detection for the murder of his wife, and an ex-girlfriend tried to set him up to kill her lover, yet there never seemed to be anyone, outside the tight-knit 5-0 unit, to give him support. Regardez immédiatement en replay Hawaii Five-0, diffusée le 05-01-21 01:01. Despite Danny's misgivings, Steve appointed Danny as the second-in-command of the team and also made Danny his partner in the field. When they land the plane and Steve goes to the hospital, it is discovered that he needs a liver transplant. Hawaii Five-0 Task Force Honolulu Police Department Newark Police Department However, Steve does show care for Danny to the extent that Steve allows Danny to stay in his house for a while and even gave Danny a key to his house. Title In the rare event that Steve is absent or even away on duties for the Navy, Danny will become the acting leader of the team which is notably seen in the Season 2 episode, "Ha'alele" and also the two crossover episodes with NCIS: Los Angeles, "Pa Make Loa" and "Touch of Death". Danny in the Season 3 finale episode, "Aloha, Malama Pono"- (Farewell and Take Care). Danny in the Season 2/NCIS: Los Angeles Season 3 crossover episode, "Pa Make Loa". When Steve headed to Japan to find Joe White and seek answers in regards to "Shelburne", Danny took temporary control of the team as they investigated a serial killing case and later a possible smallpox outbreak which despite the two team's best efforts ended with the group realizing that a suspect has fled to the mainland. At that time, he was the second-in-command to the unit’s head, Detective Captain Steve McGarrett, and he remained at that rank for the next eleven years. Elle a fui New York et son mari violent. In Lana I Ka Moana (episode), Danny tells Steve that he actually used to love the ocean, but started hating it when his best friend Billy died on the ocean while swimming towards Danny to help him. Ilest membre du 5-0, c’est le partenaire de Steve. (In one episode, McGarrett warned him about mixing business with pleasure.). L’homme, qui jouait aussi dans La Mule de Clint Eastwood en 2018, est mort le 26 mai à l’âge de 87 ans des suites d’un cancer. Hawaii 5-0 : Danny gravement blessé ... piège les accès et tire sur Danny. Sujet: Re: Hawaii 5-0 - Mon Danno - Steve/Danny - G Mar 22 Juil 2014 - 22:06 Tu m'as fait douter alors j'ai fait des recherches. In the NCIS: Los Angeles episode, Touch of Death (episode), Danny and Chin arrived in Los Angeles and headed to the NCIS: Office of Special Projects to assist Callen, Sam and the OSP team on stopping a smallpox outbreak from happening. Hawaii 5-0 , la saison 9 arrive sur M6 The son of Clara Williams and Eddie Williams, Danny grew up in New Jersey with his family consisting of his parents, his older sister Stella, his younger brother Matt and his younger sister Bridget.After highschool Danny went to college and minored in business.Danny later presumably joined the Newark Police Department and as a beat cop, met his future wife, Rachel Edwards who rear-ended his car to get his attention.Th… Although Danny moved to Hawaii, he only did so to stay close to his daughter, Grace, whom he loves dearly. No relatives or girlfriends waited anxiously for news when he was wounded or held captive. Pas compris. He was also acknowledged as a handwriting expert. McGarrett is absent from the episode altogether, perhaps suggesting that he had now retired. Despite his abrasive personality, both Steve and Meka cite Danny as a great cop with good instincts. First appearance Parce que Danny n'avait pas su. Michelle Shimoa : C'est la fille d'un chef Yakuza. We also learn he has a daughter, Lisa, who was recently kidnapped and held for ransom, and for her rescue, he had requested the help of his friend Nicholas Wong from FBI. Song: Keep Holding On Performed by: Avril Lavigne Hurler qu'à cause de lui, il était mort. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons, the marriage failed with the two later divorcing. Il revient à Hawaï pour l'enterrement de son père, assassiné par Victor Hesse. Steve McGarrett (partner/best friend) Danny is fluent in Spanish and knows some Russian phrases. There Was a Lull, and then The Wind Began to Blow About, Like a Whirlwind, Whirling the Dust Upward, He Cannot be Caught for He is an Ulua Fish of the Deep Ocean, Danny originally drove a 2010 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 before switching to a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro RS; since then, the latter model has become his. In I Ka Wa Mamua (episode), it's revealed that his daughter is named after his his former partner who died after being beaten by two thugs who Danny later shot dead before escaping. He later became a member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force and the partner of Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett. Danny and Chin Ho are arrested for the roles in the death of Marco Reyes, the Colombian drug lord who killed Danny's brother. I don't like you" before leaving while Steve was left reeling and obviously stunned that he had underestimated Danny. Pic credit: Karen Neal/CBS. When we first met him, his inexperience and lack of self-confidence were sometimes painfully obvious. Scott Caan is Danny on Hawaii Five-0. This is shown when Danny interrogates the AU Victor Hesse by shooting him in the kneecap while using a pillow to muffle the gunshot. The few details that we were given about his youth were contradictory. Danny meets Steve's mother in the first episode and even informs Steve of Wo Fat breaking out of prison as well as the fact that Dr. Malia Waincroft, Chin's wife has died. Real name 1976 Early in his career with Five-0, he was wounded and held hostage by a soldier suffering from a mental breakdown. Unlike some of the show’s stars and guests who have made themselves at home in Hawaii, Caan continues to live in Los Angeles. Danny appears to have claustrophobia. Of the four main members of the task force, Danny is the most vocal. In "Aloha Goodbye" Danny gets kidnapped led by Daiyu Mei. This suggests that Danny is willing to do anything to guard Grace, maybe even resort to killing or threatening someone to ensure her safety. Family Danny eventually made a full recovery and it was later revealed that he was having an affair with Rachel, his ex although they later broke it off for good with Rachel returning to her husband, Stan Edwards. Daniel Williams He has panic attacks when confined to a small space. As the second-in-command of the Hawaii Five-0 Police Force and also the longest-serving Detective, Danny is exceptionally skilled. Danny is shown to dislike Stan Edwards, Rachel's husband. Like most TV detectives of the ‘60s and ‘70s, information about Dan Williams’ private life is rather scanty, and riddled with inconsistencies. Danny is a match for Steve so he undergoes surgery to give Steve part of his liver. Grace Williams (Daughter) Charles Williams (Son) In Nanahu (episode), Danny goes on a weekend stay with Melissa Armstrong (Amber) he gets attacked by her abusive ex when he shows up and stabs Danny. Par ailleurs, alors que Danny est sorti avec les enfants, sa voiture est volée. The Trail Leads To A Diving Place; Do Not Follow After, Wife Second-in-CommandDetective At the end of Loa Aloha (episode) when he confronts his brother about his crimes, Danny chose to say goodbye rather than shoot him. Remake actor Danny broke his arm when he fell off a ladder. Some of the scenarios put forward are that he had a serious disagreement with McGarrett, and walked out, or that, after years of suffering incredible stress and trauma in the line of duty, he had a nervous breakdown. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Daniel « Danny/Danno » Williams est un policier originaire de New Jersey. Qu'est-il arrivé à Steve McGarett et Danny Williams dans cet ultime épisode ? In Ka No'eau (episode), Danny confronts Marco Reyes he pays him for his brother to be released. A la suite d'un rêve où il s'est vu mort, Loren décide de profiter au maximum du temps qu'il lui reste à vivre. Amber est en réalité Melissa Armstrong et a été marié à Frank Simpson. Detective Sergeant Danny and Steve have the same blood type, and now share a liver. On le retrouve Dracul Comescu ce qui fera venir Sam & Callen à Hawaii. Quand McGarrett est absent, c’est lui qui assume le rôle de chef d’équipe par intérim. Parce qu'il avait pris son temps, qu'il l'avait même copieusement insulté en découvrant l'argent caché. Danny also didn't like it when Steve kept calling him "Danno." This point is further proven by the way that he does not care at all what the locals think about him wearing a tie. Relationships Current location Status Pilot The Trail Leads To A Diving Place; Do Not Follow After, Fire Will Never Say that It Has Had Enough, Unfolded by the Water are the Faces of the Flowers, Only the Stars of Heaven Know Where Pae Is, The Fire Blazed Up, Then Only Ashes Were Left, No One Has Ever Died For the Mistakes He Has Made; Only Because He Didn't Repent, Though the Fish is Well Salted, the Maggots Crawl, When the Sea Draws Out the Tidal Wave, the Rocks Where the Cowries Hide Are Exposed, On the Slope of the Cliff, Not One Jutting Rock is Hidden from Sight, Is Borne on the Back; Is Borne in the Arms, Gone on the Road from which There Is No Returning, A Bruise Inflicted on an Innocent Person Vanishes Quickly, When Covetousness is Conceived, Sin is Born, He Who Eats 'Ape is Bound to Have His Mouth Itch, The Skin Has Been Hurt by the Point of the Spear, Knocked Flat by the Wind; Sudden Disaster, Tiny is the Flower, Yet it Scents the Grasses Around It, Don't Blame Ghosts and Spirits for One's Troubles; a Human is Responsible, All Knowledge is Not Learned in Just One School,, No Matter How Much One Covers a Steaming Imu, The Smoke Will Rise, The Tough Branch That Does Not Break in the Kona Gale, When the Light Goes Out, the House Is Dark, The Teacher, the Pupil - Let it Come Forth, That Way and This Way Shifts the Sand of Punahoa. Physical description At 30, some people would consider him young for the responsibilities of the rank. j'ai trouvé ça : Né le 11 décembre 1915 (approximativement) Décédé le 14 juillet 2003 (à l'âge d'environ 87 ans) Matt Williams † (Brother) Bridget Williams (Sister) Stella Williams (Sister) Eric Russo (Nephew) Sophie Williams (Niece) Vito (Uncle) There are differing opinions as to how Williams gained the position of Second in Command at Five-0. All of the scenes are from Season 5 Episode 23. In early episodes, he went surfing, but, as he aged, his interest in the sport seems to become restricted to judging surf competitions. Danny was shown to be fiercely protective of his family as seen in the episode, E Malama (episode) where he threatened to kill a businessman who had unknowingly endangered the lives of Danny's ex-wife, Rachel and daughter, Grace and in a deleted scene from that same episode, Danny was seen telling Stan that if he ever put her (Grace) in danger again, then Stan would find that the scariest criminal in the world is a cop who didn't care anymore, hinting that if Grace was ever hurt again or presumably even killed, then Danny would go off the rails altogether. Personnages principaux Steve McGarrett Interprété par Alex O'Loughlin (VF : Alexis Victor). Portrayed by Since Heihei (episode), Danny's relationship with Rachel is less strained than it was in the beginning of the series, especially in Loa Aloha (episode). TV Shows Hawaii Five-0. He lived alone (his apartment was remarkably clean and tidy for a bachelor – did he have a cleaning lady? La gouverneure d'Hawaï, Pat Jameson, lui propose de créer une task force qui lui permettra d'arrêter l'assassin de son père. He was not terribly good at it, and decided to find another hobby. Children During his term with Hawaii Five-0, Williams gained skill in many facets of police work. Title Ce dernier était violent avec elle. A television reporter at the scene told his audience that Williams was a ‘local’ boy, born and educated in Hawaii and that he went to the University of Hawaii for one year, majoring in psychology, before transferring to Berkeley to study police science. Par la suite, c'est Chin Ho & Danny qui vont aller à Los Angeles pour éviter la … Danny's darker side again emerged in the Season 3 episode, Ho'opio (episode) where he beat up two suspects during the investigation concerning the murder of a young girl and the subsequent disappearance of another, presumably due to the fact that the girls bore a striking resemblance to Grace. Towards the end of the series, we learned that he had an  aunt (who was played by James MacArthur's mother Helen Hayes), an interfering old busybody named Clara, who (much to his relief, I am sure!) According to Melissa (the girlfriend), he kissed her for the first time on the roof of her parents’ house, and their romance ended when he went away to Berkeley. We were not told what the new hobby was. Toute aide est la bienvenue :) ©Hawaii50Wikia ( Veuillez Créditer si vous vous servez ! Like the rest of Five-0, Danny is shown to have complete loyalty to Steve. Biographical information The third episode for this season of Hawaii Five-0 aired tonight and ended with McGarrett preparing to offer Quinn a … D'abord réticent, il finit par accepter et forme une équipe sur place. As he is the father of a teenage girl, Danny is usually sympathetic towards other children and is skilled when it comes to dealing with kids in general. He was occasionally prepared to argue with McGarrett, if he felt that it was warranted, though he never won the arguments -- there was only one boss at Hawaii Five-0, and it was not Dan Williams. Histoire avant 5-0 [modifier | modifier le wikicode] Amber a dix ans de moins que Danny. In his free time, Dan was the coach of a kids’ baseball team sponsored by Hawaii Five-0. In Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau (episode), Danny fell ill after touching the body of a man to check for a pulse. After highschool Danny went to college and minored in business. Much to Steve's confusion, Danny despises Hawaii, calling it a "pineapple-infested hell hole." Danny also developed a fear towards towards the NCIS: Office of Special Projects Manager Henrietta Lange but he ultimately formed friendships with the whole OSP team and once the smallpox case was solved, he and Chin returned to Hawaii. In the Season 2 episode, Mai Ka Wa Kahiko (episode), Danny's dark side emerged with a vengeance where after shooting his ex-wife's husband in the shoulder, Danny shot his ex-partner in the right kneecap, much to the horror of Steve, Kono and Chin and very calmly yet coldly threatened to kill Peterson by shooting him in the head if he did not tell Danny where Grace was. in the Season 2 finale episode, "Ua Hala"- (Death in the Family). This incapacitated him for a time and he suffered convulsions, forcing him to be taken to hospital for treatment. Melissa Armstrong (Ex) Gabrielle Asano (Ex) Scott Caan Honolulu, Hawaii Likewise, Danny mockingly calls Steve "Steven." 5'5 James MacArthur Williams later briefly appeared in the 1997 Five-O remake's unaired pilot, where we learn that he would eventually become the head of Five-O, before moving on to become the governor of Hawaii. Unfortunately, things eventually came to a head in the aftermath of a shooting where Danny threatened Steve, Steve responded by placing Danny in an armlock before forcing Danny to apologize. Danny actually did dive into the ocean once during a case which left Steve greatly impressed and when Steve remarked "Book 'em, Danno", Danny replied, "Book me a towel". Danny also expresses concern about Steve's behavior, as he believes that Steve needs professional help for his inhumane behavior and attitude. Following an appearance in family court, Danny gains custody of Grace. When Reyes' men kick Steve and Danny out, Danny and Steve shoot them and kill Marco Reyes and his guys. Hawaii 5-0 , la saison 9 arrive sur M6 During the interrogation of one suspect, Danny knocked the suspect off his chair, forcing Steve to physically restrain him while during the interrogating of a man and his wife who the team believed were the kidnappers responsible, Danny later hit the man once, prompting Steve to ask for Danny's two badges albeit temporarily. Fans of the show have often compared Steve and Danny's friendship as a bromance between the two with the term McDanno being coined to suggest a possible romantic relationship. As such, with Danny in hospital, the team turned their attention to finding out who had poisoned the victim and Danny. The two got married and had a daughter, Grace Williams. Character information In O ka Pili'Ohana ka 'Oi (episode), Danny helped Grover. Danny fights him off and Melissa runs her ex over with Danny's car on the way to take Danny to the hospital. Unlike Steve, who is typically calm and in control, Danny is nearly always displaying one emotion or another. Daniel "Danny" Williams est un détective de police. Though we were not told which branch of the service he was in, McGarrett had no qualms about sending him undercover as a navy medic, so we might conclude that this was how he did his national service. He is also shown to comfort the victim/victim's family when they are in distress, presumably because Danny is a father. Originally from No family members gathered to support him when his fiancée was murdered, or his best friend betrayed him. Even though Danny tries to hide it, they have become friends, and deeply care about one another, and completely trust each other. When Danny first met Steve, it seemed that Danny hated Steve more than Hawaii itself. Clara Williams (Mother) Eddie Williams (Father) Le 5-0 découvre un marché d'esclaves travaillant sur un bateau de pêche illégal. In Ina Paha (episode), in an alternate reality that Steve hallucinates, the Danny Williams of that reality who saved the alternate John McGarrett from being killed by that reality's Victor Hesse is more laid-back and carefree, compared to the normal Danny. Rachel lui annonce aussi une autre nouvelle qui risque de condamner Charles si Danny ne réagit pas rapidement. Hawaii 5-0 (Hawaii Five-0) ... Danny le tue pour venger la mort de son frère. Danny Williams Elle est arrêtée et … Danny is forced to land the plane on the beach so that Steve does not die. GALLERY. Suite à ça, elle s'est enfuie à Hawaii loin de lui. Some of his more memorable assignments included posing as a soldier on leave from Vietnam in order to extract information about a murder victim from a young bargirl, and infiltrating a neo-nazi group to protect a political candidate. On February 28, 2020, it was announced that Hawaii Five-0 would conclude after the tenth season with a two-part series finale. Ici, vous trouverez des informations sur les épisodes, les personnages et les acteurs. There was never any mention of Dan’s parents or any siblings, so we assumed that his parents were dead, and that Clara was his only living relative. Danny is a man in his early or mid-thirties with short blonde hair with brown highlights and blue eyes. Le 5-0 enquête sur la mort de Gwendoline Baker, une des danseuses d'un spectacle aquatique de sirènes qui est morte lors d'une des représentations. Williams was an expert marksman whose sharpshooting skill was utilized on many occasions. Elle est diffusée par CBS aux USA et par M6 en France. Despite that, Danny in the alternate reality is much more aggressive, almost ruthless when it comes to interrogating suspects, similar to Steve in the main timeline. Detective Sergeant Daniel D. "Danny" Williams is a police Detective who originally worked in New Jersey but moved to Hawaii to remain close to his daughter, Grace Williams. Hawaii Five-O Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Some, however, hold the opinion that (given his young age, and the time it would have taken for him to work his way up), he could have been recruited to the unit directly from college or the armed forces, and especially trained for the position. Steve McGarrett Dan Williams (also known as Danny or Danno) was a member of the Hawaii Five-0, the (fictional) elite state police unit of Hawaii, from 1968 to 1979. Il a commencé à travailler dans le New Jersey, mais il a déménagé à Hawaï pour rester près de Grace, sa fille. C'est l'un des principaux antagonistes de la saison 5. He also spends most of the time trying to impress her or worrying about her safety. Although Danny denies it, Steve observes that Danny likes Hawaii. While there, Danny butted heads with NCIS/LAPD Liaison Officer Detective Marty Deeks who jokingly regarded as Danny's hair as being "bulletproof" while the two exchanged constant insults about one another. Their partnership began on rough grounds as Danny was the Detective assigned to investigate the death of Steve's father, John. In the Season 5 premiere episode, A'ohe kahi e pe'e ai (episode), Danny met Marco Reyes who informed Danny that Matt Williams, Danny's brother had been captured. A few Hawaii Five-0 fans had mini freak-outs on Oct. 11 when Scott Caan’s character, Danny "Danno" Williams, failed to appear in Episode 3. The most obvious is anger, as he possesses a very hot-headed nature with a vicious temper to match. In the Season 3 finale episode, Aloha, Malama Pono (episode), Danny reignited his relationship with Gabby. By: ... Il l'entendait hurler son nom. Hawaii 5-0 - saison 3 - Extrait de l'épisode 15 avec Peter Weller ... Danny avec une femme travaillant dans un musée et Kono avec Adam Noshimuri. Rachel Edwards (Ex-Wife) He is then shot during the awards ceremony, where he awards Wong with the Hawaiian Governors Medal Award for Meritorious Service; with Five-O's new leader, Alex Bowland, by an unknown gunman from a Plymouth Barracuda. Always wore ties until "Ua Hiki Mai Kapalena Pau" and after Steve went to jail, began wearing button up shirts more often. Danny being brought into the OR of Honolulu Medical Center after becoming infected with sarin. He was seen drinking in several episodes, and was once heard ordering bourbon. Directed by Larry Teng. All rights go to CBS. lived somewhere on the mainland. Where Were You When the Rain was Pouring? Affiliates Lieutenant-commandant Steven J. McGarrett est un ancien Navy SEAL et maintenant placé dans les Réserves de la Marine des États-Unis et chef du Hawaii Five-0 Force Opérationnelle. The son of Clara Williams and Eddie Williams, Danny grew up in New Jersey with his family consisting of his parents, his older sister Stella, his younger brother Matt and his younger sister Bridget.