They can cause you to be unhappy, have feelings that you don't want to have. Thank God in ALL circumstances – even in the midst of temptation to regret. “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” This was … It is the sweet mercies of God that compel us to fight sin. Regrets haunt us all. You either give up and dwell in regret, or you learn from your mistake and grow. Realize that it’s pointless to dwell on your regrets, since you can’t go back and change your past – all you can do is keep moving forward. Kay Arthur when you do this reflection and acknowledge your demons, you will find that your regrets are completely out of your control and that more often than not the best action you can take is to get on the path of self improvement (and that comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes). You may have regrets about things you did do or about things you didn’t do, but … There are far better uses for your consciousness in the world, and the world needs you to be present. A while back I wrote about worry, and how it’s often a sign that there’s … We fail, embellish them with a positive spin and move on to try again: ‘Don’t dwell on and regret your failures in the past, look forward’. They usually have a lot on their plate all at once, and work hard to get things done. Learn From Your Regrets. We have to somehow move forward because it’s a form of anxiety to dwell on our regrets, paying too much attention to ourselves. Beloved, do not dwell on things of the PAST. Live with hope for tomorrow. Where is carrying round your disappointments, missed opportunities, focusing on what could have been or … National Party leader Judith Collins has "loads" of regrets from this year but isn't about to dwell on them. 2. Sport Football Celtic 'The only Dubai regret is a positive test,' says Celtic stand-in manager Gavin Strachan after Hibs draw Gavin Strachan … Thank God that he saved you and has forgiven you of all your sins, that he works all things for good, that your failures remind you of your need for God, thank God for his patience and longsuffering with you, thank him for his steadfast love 7. Learn from your mistakes. The FUTURE holds new possibilities. Regret can reduce life satisfaction … People delay making wills or living trusts because they don’t want to die. Realizing you have some regrets can be the worst. Do the same if you run into their friends. Accept: Accept what you did may have been wrong and that it’s completely fine to make mistakes. People who dwell (ruminate) on upward counterfactuals for months, and even years, experience the most distress. Active mourning of your losses will help you to move out of regret. Think about your own list of regrets–not to dwell on them and make yourself feel bad, but to inspire yourself to change or do something differently in the days ahead. Avoiding Regrets in Your Life Poems about Life | No! Some people look only to today and tomorrow, with little care about the past. It is normal to fear death. But to dwell on it or continually re-visit it (the same regret) is not healthy. You may dwell on the past, and wonder what would've happened if some things turned out differently. Regrets can become a noose around your neck and interfere with your life and your motivation. The present is truly a gift from God. We need to claim God’s forgiveness and grace and press on. However, regret is not the main ingredient; it is just the key to start the process off. When you’re in the final season of your life, are you more likely to dwell on your regrets, or measure your success by the courage you had to act upon your unique wishes for life? Identify where regret comes from: To work on your regrets you need to identify where they are coming from. Instead of dwelling on the past, you can reflect on your experiences and use negative situations as a learning experience.” "I'm not someone who sits around thinking about them. The past errors can't be undone, but if you can be happy in that area now, your mind may be able to let your previous mistakes rest in peace. Focusing on what you can’t change is beating your mind into a negative space with no way out. Live in the PRESENT. A present to be unwrapped each day. Maybe it is time to release your regrets, your bitterness and choose to live in the present moment of now where new possibilities are available for you to identify, explore and seek out. That makes sense and sounds spiritual, but it’s a false gospel. Eg. If you're having regrets about your past shyness, they may go away if you can scale back your shyness in the present (again: one thing to say it, another to do it). Feeling regret about something, anything, can occupy your mind into an obsession. No! The problem with regrets is that many of those who do allow themselves to feel the emotion tend to dwell on it for a bit longer than what is healthy or necessary. I dont think thats true for most though. Rather than dwelling on your regrets, use them to equip you for future success. Don’t say to yourself, I should have done this; I should have done that or what if I would have… No! ENFJs do whatever they can to tend to the needs of others, and are very giving people. Now if you really want to go the extra mile to lighten the burden of regrets, practice expressing to people: “I accept you exactly as … If your ex mentions the breakup, just agree that it was for the best and don’t dwell on it. Phrasal verb: dwell(v) on/upon Nouns generally following it: problems, issues, the past, fears, regrets, loss, conflict Meanings: * to spend a lot of time thinking or talking about something unpleasant that is best forgotten. Give it all to God and make a commitment not to dwell on your regrets. Many people choose to dwell on their failures. Some regret is healthy. Regarding our specific regrets, God has forgiven us. This natural fear often becomes a chief aspect of your … Instead of dwelling on the past, you can reflect on your experiences and use negative situations as a learning experience. Instead of wishing you had known better and kicking yourself that you didn’t, how about giving yourself a second chance? This leads to unnecessary worrying, regret, shame, and stress. A Word of Caution: Questions to Ask Before You Quit Your Job The potential of feeling some sort of regret in the future is a great motivator to chase after your dreams. “Many people choose to dwell on their failures. Regret can help you better understand who you are, identify your morals and values, and learn how you want to act moving forward. ["A letter to the Past"]: NEVER DWELL ON YOUR PAST MISTAKES evegrace ( 68 ) in BDCommunity • 6 hours ago (edited) There is a saying that "Mistakes or failures are inevitable as humans but what matters is what happens or what we do after making mistakes. In those late nights when sleep won’t come, when the world is dark and quiet, when I feel alone, when I feel like shedding my skin and jumping out of my body, regrets … You need to deal with and learn from failure instead of crying over what may have been. Do you regret choosing a career you don’t want to continue with? He knows how to work things out for good, so we can’t dwell on regret. In … This leads to unnecessary worrying, regret, shame, and stress. When Einstein wrote “failure is success in progress”, he was (probably) hoping to diminish the stigma around failing and emphasising that failure is inevitable and should be accepted.Today, failures are indeed accepted. Things could change quickly. Maybe you believe your regrets will be your protective talisman to help make sure you don’t repeat past sins. Reflect on what you have learned from your mistakes, such as the importance of making the most of opportunities, what your priorities are, and any weaknesses that you need to address (such as a fear of failure or lack of confidence in your decisions). If your regrets feel overwhelming, take steps to reengage with the world. You should not dwell on your feelings of regret and guilt because they will seriously hurt your productivity. How to move over it: 1. Each time you come to the pain of regret let it be a reminder of all that you are working to change and why. For those who have lived a while now, are you the sort to hold regrets about life here on earth? Dying in your dream can be a terrifying experience. In our society, death is seldom talked about. Regrets become a lot easier to deal with when you learn from them, and no matter what your regret is, you can learn something from it. ENFJs can often experience feelings of regret, especially when it comes to things they failed to accomplish.