5'6 She confused and disorientated, she asks Steve where she is. Unknown/Undisclosed She manages to pull herself together to make a phone call. Catherine is geared up with Chin and Grover outside headquarters as they find who sent the car bomb through security cameras. Steve tells her it's good to see her, Catherine tells him it’s good to see him too. In Kupu'eu, Catherine and Billy are at Makapu’u Point running surveillance from a van on a house. Biographical information Steve McGarrett returns home to Oahu in order to find his father's killer; The Governor offers him the chance to run his own task force - Five-0. Kanalu Hope Loa est le troisième épisode de la saison 5. He gives her a hug and a kiss, then tells her he's got the window seat. Steve says he's fine and that he's sent her the fingerprints of two of the kidnappers that were killed. She tries to get the information to show in the big monitors but is unable to swipe it from her tablet. Catherine complains that her butt is numb, and Billy counters that he's drunk 4 bottles of coconut water. She notices that he just lost a game, she moves closer and says betting against the table hasn't been working for him. Instead of answering, Nabushi breaks Catherine's hold the two begin to fight. ", The real reason Grace Park left Hawaii Five-0. In "Aloha' Goodbye, Catherine is mentioned during a conversation between Steve and Lincoln while they were on their way to meet Lincoln's NSA contact to help crack the cipher left by Doris McGarrett. Danny says he just thinks Steve deserves to be happy after everything he’s been through. Later in the day, Steve calls Catherine down to headquarters. Catherine asks where did that come from, and asks if Steve knows that Danny is speaking to her. Catherine gets back up and fires at the car tail lights as the man drives away, while making her way to the fallen down Billy. That night Catherine enters Steve’s office and asks if he’s found anything. Catherine jumps onto a motorcycle and drives out the village. ", Perhaps most importantly, A Million Little Things offers its stars the same treatment, according to Park: "They're going through a lot of steps to make sure we have the ensemble vibe. Catherine says that's exactly what she getting paid to prevent. Catherine asks if they’re going to do this and Steve say yes, before leaning over and kissing her in the middle of the dance floor. Kono questions Sato to the location of Adam, when Sato doesn't answer Kono presses a gun to his head and asks if Adam is dead. Learn more about the cast of Hawaii Five-0, including Alex O'Loughlin, Beulah Koale, Chi McBride, Dennis Chun, Ian Anthony Dale, Jorge Garcia, Kimee Balmilero, Meaghan Rath, Scott Caan, and Taylor Wily She says she needs to feel needed, which Steve points out she is, Catherine tells him not like that. Catherine hugs Kono before she leaves and says she'll miss her. In the car he says that part of him had doubts they could make it work, after seeing Catherine in action, he knows he made the right choice. Steve then calls Catherine to discuss the missing warhead. Billy struggles to stay awake, while Catherine tells him he's not going to die tonight. Danny says Steve doesn’t know and he’d kill Danny if he did know. When he hangs up, he says to Catherine that he was hoping that he and her could speak together that morning. The article deals with the series' main, recurring, and minor characters. The FBI wanted to talk to her, but instead she went into hiding. Catherine says its big change but in a good way, Steve says that's good. Her captors gives Steve 10 minutes to release his people before hanging up. The tenth and final season of the CBS police procedural drama series Hawaii Five-0 premiered on September 27, 2019 for the 2019–20 television season.CBS renewed the series for a tenth season in May 2019. The man pulls out an auto gun and start shooting at both Catherine and Billy as he tries to escape. The next day, at the 7th game, if the Pee Wee Championship Catherine is with her team, Steve brushes passes her and tels her to take the job. Steve jokingly offers to beat him up if she tells him the diplomat’s name. Greer is introduced in Cocoon when she and a her colleague Agent Miller come to Hawaii to investigate the death of another agent, Tom Hennessy, who was also a friend of Steve’s. They kiss and she tells him that's way better than chocolates. They speak to Russo’s supervisor, Devin Campbell, telling him that Russo was murder the night before and it looks like it was a professional hit. Catherine did a recon surveillance op that went sideways. She mentions that she know that woman dress modestly from Saudi, the way the diplomat looks at her you think that she was wearing a string bikini. Danny calls Catherine when him and Steve lose Duclair, Catherine uses the GPS in Duclair’s shoes to track him and tells Danny where to go. Gutches shares a private conversation with Steve and encourages him to settle down. Alex O'Loughlin, who played Steve McGarrett, had struggled with injuries and exhaustion for years, and the ratings for the show had been dropping for quite a while. Everyone is shocked when Sato reveals that out of respect to Adam’s father, he helped Adam fake his death and disappear. He says he thought she could do with some dinner and says it looks like she's been busy. She lost Billy, she's not about to lose another friend. The assistant DA was preparing to prosecute Matsukino, a local mobster. Catherine nods and tells him that "Lincoln got a hold of me, said you guys needed some help." Status Steve and Catherine go to the hotel where the secret service are preparing for the arrival of the president. At the very end of the episode, Catherine reunites with Steve while on a United Airlines plane going to an unknown location. "She's just doing the things she needs to get done. He tried to pretend that he wasn’t but he was suffering in silence. She apologizes when the group is shushed by the usher. She wants to build something that’s her own. The Navy is sending her a copy of the prototype, however, it's only been tested on simulated attacks. Steve tells her to keep it, she needs a job and they need some help. He picks a flower and brings it to Catherine while he asks for two favors: one about his current case and a second favor about the status of something Joe White submitted to the DOD. Catherine has managed to get Billy into the van and drives him to the hospital, yelling at him to stay with her. She then asks where Amir is. He coded on the table and the doctors couldn't revive him.. Catherine starts to cry , Steve tells her he's so sorry and kisses her head. Catherine is confused and asks Danny to just bring when he dances around the reason for the meeting. Catherine scoffs and reminds Steve about how many satellites she has repositioned for him over the years. She got separated from her unit when it came under fire. She follows Nabushi to the elevators while pretending to be on her phone. Catherine tells Steve he's like the good-looking guy from high school who knows how cute he is and just won't take no for an answer. Character information Catherine finds the correct computer, at the computer science building of Oahu State. Catherine comments that Steve is usually the one that asks her for favors and asks if he sent Kono to do his dirty work. She mentions that Billy has already gotten them another gig and she they're going to be busy. "She doesn't need to be likable," Park said of Katherine Kim. Steve asks when did she get in, Catherine tells him only that morning and she had come straight from the airport. Catherine Rollins a fait partie des services secrets de la Navy. Catherine finishes her phone call and runs into Billy Harrington, an ex-boyfriend. Amir brought Catherine back to his home, to the disbelief of his wife. She added, "These characters weren't really living the lives they needed to live. Steve finds Catherine waiting for him in his office. She says she's got nothing on the prisoner that was being transferred and nothing on the bloody fingerprints that were found. Alive Catherine says she warned him, and suggests he could use one of the empty bottles if he really needs to go. Steve asks Amir if he knows which group took Najib. She then turns to Steve and asks if he’s still got it, he stands up and he does but does she still got it. Catherine Rollins was originally supposed to make her debut appearance in the pilot episode, but her first appearance didn't occur until episode 4. Catherine says that Steve shouldn't have let the terrorists go, but Steve replies that they only think they've gotten away. In "A ia la aku", Catherine is with Steve on a double date with Danny and Gabby at the movies. Catherine is there every step of the way to find out who killed the victim, as there death resulted in Billy's. During Pro Bowl weekend, when asked why she supported the Dallas Cowboys, she explained that had never stayed in any one place long enough to feel an affinity for an NFL team. The episode's title was revealed to be "Aloha" in an instagram post by developer, showrunner , and executive producer Peter M. Lenkov on March 3, 2020, when he also announced that it would be the final day of filming. Catherine and Steve go undercover as a married couple to determine the location of Omar Hassan’s hideout. While there Aunt Deb says to Catherine that she's figures Catherine is going to be around for awhile and asks her to make sure Mary and Steve stay close once she's gone. Catherine is a "Navy brat" and moved around frequently due to her father's various assignments. She tells him she’d rather say goodbye to him here. Kono says no and that the favor is for her. Steve’s phone then rings, he’s got a case. Catherine mentions that she was in such a hurry to get Billy to the hospital she forgot to call in the shooting of the husband. In the morning Catherine arrives at the crime scene with Steve. Farah says he left an hour before, having heard where the kidnapper were. She then opens up the back of the pickup and helps the children escape. Steve then tells her if she wants out of their relationship to just come out and say it. This causes the crowd watching the game to cheer them on and Kamekona calls a timeout as everyone is watching. They hear gunshots and make their way closer to the house. In another universe, he might have been a potential replacement character for a departing McGarrett. Aunt Deb doesn't believe that for a second and they both laugh. Chin is impressed with Steve's multi-tasking skills getting Catherine to both recon a satellite and agree to a date. After dropping Aunt Deb back at Steve's, Catherine is back at headquarters. For his own safety from the Taliban, Catherine never mentioned Amir or his family to anyone. She was thinking about resigning but she hasn't even submitted her letter yet. After they've done speaking, Catherine and Steve take Sato to the drop point and they'll meet Chin and Kono at the plane. They find Amir at the base of a tree, unconscious and badly wounded. She asks the children if anyone has seen Najib, the children shake their heads. In "Nalowale", Catherine is revealed to be McGarrett's girlfriend. Back at headquarters, she brings results back from Max's autopsy and something found in the victim's neck. We all have the same trailers, the same treatment. She tells Steve she needs more than what a relationship can give her at the moment. She asks if everything is okay, Steve says it is. Catherine is waiting in Steve’s office wearing a feminine pantsuit. Talk (0) This is a list of various civilians, criminals or members of the military, law enforcement or even Hawaii Five-0 Task Force who are dead, having either died in the line of … Catherine pauses before saying she is so sorry to hear about her illness. Catherine hugs and kisses Steve when he and Danny touch down again. Catherine corrects them, mentioning that the two computers are connected, and she just needs to use one to get to the other. In "Ho'opio", Catherine is at Kamekona's Sumo Smash 'Em Challenge with Steve and Danny. Next week, she is seen seducing and extracting information from Agent Channing, about Doris's whereabouts. She pins him to the floor with his own baton and then punches him the face. In "Kai e'e", Catherine and Steve race downstairs to answer their phones as a tsunami warning sounds in the background. Steve realizes that Catherine is actually serious about leaving the ut Navy. The ninth season of the police procedural drama series Hawaii Five-0 premiered on CBS on September 28, 2018, for the 2018–19 television season in the United States. As Steve looks out the window, a figure appears from the corner asking "is this seat taken?" With the world now deprived of fearless task force officers tackling crime in the beautiful Pacific, fans can only look back and reminisce about the good times. Billy correctly guesses that she is with Steve, and says that he thought that was over. During her tenure on the team, Catherine wore a shoulder leather holster. She grabs her bags and gets into the car. With Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park. Chatting with Entertainment Weekly in September 2018, Park gushed about her A Million Little Things character — and the show as a whole. She asks for McGarrett's help, in going to forbidden Kahoolawe, to track down a terrorist, and retrieve depleted uranium from an old WWII bunker. The real reason Hawaii Five-0 is ending By Lea van der Merwe / March 17, 2020 10:10 am EST / Updated: May 19, 2020 10:30 pm EST Hawaii Five … When Danny comes back to headquarters Catherine says he didn't need to rush back and asked if Grace will be disappointed that he's not cheering on, Danny says no because last year the judges had said he was too distracting. Catherine points out where they and says she’s not downplaying how serious the Gabriel situation is, but Gabriel can wait a few more hours. Steve replies she in the hospital and to take it easy. The season concluded on May 17, 2019. Amir then comes over and calls Najib to him. Catherine tells him he doesn't have a very good poker face. Catherine says she promises and Aunt Deb thanks her. She and her unit enter Baoakhan Province and speak to the local women when Najib goes after a soccer ball that was kicked too hard. In I Helu Pu, Catherine returns on a 48-hour leave and attends the Governor's charity ball as Steve's date. Catherine says she wants to but she doesn't know how to do so. Catherine is sitting on a lounge chair speaking to someone on the phone in Pashto, she doesn’t notice that Steve has heard her and is watching her from the second floor, with a frown on his face. Chin says he knows Catherine already has an idea of who that person is. She manages to get photos of Nabushi as he enters the elevator and quickly asks him to hold the elevator door as she enters it. Steve then wishes her good luck and they hung up. Afterward,s she tells Steve that she feels Billy's death is her fault, as she was supposed to have his back. In A Make Kāua, Catherine surprises Steve when he gets out of the water from his morning swim, holding his towel she asks him if this was what he was looking for. Nabushi asks who the hell is she. Her captors demand that they get their people back or Catherine will never be seen again. Nabushi asks what she wants with Sato, but Catherine says she doesn't care about Sato, she just wants to ask him about Adam. Billy yells for the man to drop his weapon, but he opens fire on Billy causing him to duck behind some trees. She can just jump on a plane and get there. He calls her after a mission in Afghanistan lands him in the hospital. Catherine is later at the NAVY Op Center giving Steve directions by phone, she's tracking the suspect through satellites. How or when they met is never fully explained, but it has been implied that they have known each for a long time. The doctor notices that she's injured too, but Catherine says fine. A ceasefire is called and 5-O move in towards the car. In "Waiwai", Steve is told that Catherine is not doing aid work in South Asia. Danny and Steve meet Catherine at the crime scene and them what she knows so far. Billy replies that when he offered her this job he promised her an exciting post-Navy life, world travel, intelligence gathering. Steve guesses at because Catherine doesn't have access to Navy Intel anymore, she's come to Five-O to run the background checks. Danny tells her he’s just looking out for Steve, and that when she left last time, Steve was hurt pretty bad. Title Steve reluctantly says he'll call Joe. She eats Steve’s popcorn while Danny explains to Steve the third act of a movie. CBS renewed the series for a ninth season in April 2018, that was originally expected to contain 22 episodes; however, CBS ordered additional episodes bringing the total count to 25. Catherine tells Danny he’s a good friend. In "Akanahe", Catherine is with Steve, Chin and Kono in Japan as they capture Sato and bring him to a warehouse. Catherine leads him to a deserted bathroom and gives Nabushi a seductive look when he finally catches up to her. She tells him she needs a rain check on dinner because orders came in and she's being sent to the gulf that night. In fact, she downright denies that family reasons were the root cause of her leaving the show. ", Of her time on Hawaii Five-0, Park offered a sage statement, telling Entertainment Weekly, "I just look at this time as something that I went through. Catherine says coffee and malasadas are on him and Billy agrees. Catherine walks towards Steve and says she knows she should have called and she wanted to, she just didn’t know what to say. In "Ua 'o'oloku ke anu i na mauna", Catherine wakes up naked with Steve in his bed. Catherine pulls out her SAT phone and calls Billy asking for a favor. Amir then offered Catherine his help and she accepted. She needs to stop carrying the weight of that night, stop reimagining the situation in all the ways she could have done something different. Steve was just joking and tells her to relax. They both stand up and Catherine pulls Steve into a hug and says she’s so sorry and that she’d always love him. Catherine finds out who introduced Ian and the bank robbing crew. Steve says he's glad, as Catherine leans in and gives him a kiss. This is a page to keep track of all the murder, suicides and deaths on Hawaii Five-0. Catherine then says she's going to wash up, and asks if Steve could open a bottle of wine. Catherine says the client has a packed schedule for the next day and Billy has asked Catherine to run some threat assessments on the people the client is meeting with. Steve asks her to find out who they were. Catherine states that she's spent half her life within the Navy, she needs to start thinking about what comes next. She is also there when Thanksgiving dinner plans are changed, she and the group end up at La Mariana Tiki Bar. Catherine (Michelle Borth) and McGarrett (Alex O Loughlin) reflect and get dressed after participating in traditional Hawaiian paddle-out following a shocking death, on HAWAII … Catherine then tells Steve that Amir called her because his son was taken by the Taliban and Catherine has decided that she has to go back and help them get their son back. Aunt Deb then says she's not ready to back yet, Catherine asks her where she wants to go. Catherine then passes out due to blood loss. She does remember and then asks if Billy is alright. Upon Greer raising her gun to shoot Steve during the confrontation, Catherine shoots Greer and kills her instantly. He makes a joke about how Danny shouldn't be driving his own car in which Catherine responds "like he ever did." She spots Steve running after the driver as he heads towards the helicopter. 1 Synopsis 2 Évènements marquants 3 Guest-Star 4 Musiques 5 Galerie 6 Vidéo Le 5-0 enquête sur trois femmes qui, lors d'un braquage dans un bus touristique, ont dérobé quelque chose, et dont elles ignorent que ça fait d'elles une cible sérieuse. Not everyone might like her, and I thought that was actually quite a relief of pressure, that you didn't need to make your character funny or likable or cool or sexy or the lead." She runs through Steve's door just as he's giving candy out to trick-or-treaters, he tells her her costume needs some work and offers her some candy, which she rejects. They are next seen arriving at an airport with a Coast Guard plane that is to be flown by Frank Bama’s daughter. Catherine tries to find the original computer, but Ian has scrambled the IP addresses and she can't get a lock. She then explains her suspect, Eli Diamond. In the Baoakhan Province, Catherine and Steve ride into the village on horseback. En 2015 elle revient sur Oahu avant de repartir pour une mission secrète. Catherine says she go and get him some coffee, if he’s going to burn the midnight oil. That night Catherine is back at Steve's house, pouring over a table full of information on Sato and Nabushi. She apologizes for waking him up so early but he says he’s glad she did. Family So when the CBS drama resumes … Fortunately, Park's Hawaii Five-0 departure cleared up her scheduled and allowed her the chance to take on another television opportunity. She explains that Hadad has made threats against America, Israel, and Jordan, and if he gets his hands on the nuclear weapon he’s guaranteed going to use it. They walk into the house and are surprised that the house is completely cleaned, no blood, no bullet holes. Catherine holds his face and promises that she and Steve were going to get his son back. She is unable to hear the other person, so she excuses herself and goes outside. She then telsl Danny that he needs to get ahold of Joe White and tell him that Umar Hassan is still alive and that there is a Taliban compound in the Panjshir Valley. Lieutenant Catherine "Cath" Rollins, USN (Rtd.) He pauses, then realizes that once again, she helped the team; "it was you, you cracked that cipher?" Steve is distraught by everything that has occurred and is consoled by Catherine, who reveals in their conversation that she knew about Steve and Greer’s “fling.” When asked by Steve why she never mentioned it, she says that she didn’t believe what Greer had said about Steve when the two women met years prior at the pentagon. Steve asks her if she needed to make it on her own or with Billy. Catherine says things change. Steve tells her she's gotta find something, it doesn't have to be a job, does put matter what it is she just has to find something. Hawaii Five-0 brought us glorious police procedural drama for ten years, but after 240 episodes, the series said goodbye with a memorable finale and an incredibly sad goodbye scene. When Steve calls out Kamekona on his 3rd strike on Grace, Catherine comments to her team that what Steve is doing is not good sportsmanship. Of course, it must be noted that Hawaii Five-0 had its share of troubles, too. Before they can leave a new car pulls up to the house. Catherine is then driving towards headquarters when her car’s engine overheats. Chin thanks Catherine, he promised Kono he'd find Adam and this is his best lead yet. During this conversation, Lincoln mentions another person who could help-- a Naval intelligence officer he met a few years ago who is super smart, but that he lost track of her. She is shocked when Kono says that she's going with Adam. The scene is a flashback to season 8, episode 24. Again Sato won't talk, Steve then pulls Kono’s gun away and says they're going to this the right way. Amir is convinced he is alive and his men took his son. Steve follows her out and asks if everything is okay. Nabushi goes to kiss it and asks if they're met before. Steve tells her that is a two month operation at most; Catherine says it could be more. In "Ka Makuahine a Me Ke Keikikane", Catherine returns to tell Steve that his mother, Doris, has been captured by the CIA trying to break Wo Fat's father out of the CIA black site. Catherine suggests that Kono tell Steve that Adam is getting involved with the Yakuza. Catherine starts to cry and says this is so hard. He was 49. Directed by Gwyneth Horder-Payton. Steve then asks her if she's going to go after him and Catherine says yes, she has to. Catherine just says it practise of her surveillance skills. Catherine calls him a smartass and says she needs a favor. She previously dated Billy Harringt… Catherine says she’d love that. Steve asks how she could do that, as she's not on active duty anymore. Steve says for her to come back to Five-O, Catherine says no and says that Five-O is Steve’s and it’s always going to be his thing. He then tells her if she leaves today, he needs her to understand that he can’t wait for her anymore. Portrayed by By the time Hawaii Five-0 ended with its tenth season, it had lost some of its most popular characters, such as Grace Park's Officer Kono Kalakaua, who left after the seventh season in … Steve comments on how she was the one who got away. This is a list of fictional characters in the television series Hawaii Five-0, which has aired on CBS since 2010. Steve then asks if her name happened to be Catherine Rollins, in which Lincoln replies smiling with "you know her?" Steve runs to her and cuts her bindings, asking if she's okay. She feels she can't come back until she finds him. Have you ever wondered what that was all about? Catherine and Steve are at Headquarters where Catherine tells Steve the story of Amir and his family that helped her when an op of hers went sideways. Catherine says she didn’t mean to hurt Steve, but he did understand why she had to stay behind in Afghanistan. One child falls down, alerting the driver, who exits the front of the pickup with his gun. With Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park. Catherine yells for Steve to not do it and is slapped across the face and kicked in the gut. Chin goes undercover to investigate a protection racket. Catherine walks into the private club, held on a docked ship, and spots her target easily, it's Nabushi. Catherine is able to give Najib back his ball. He asks her what's in it, she tells him it's FBI’s forensic accounting files on the yakuza. First appearance Catherine is caught off guard but replies with, “what took you so long?” After the flashback, Catherine is seen tearing up by this story about how he [Joe White] helped change the course of their relationship. She asks him if he's ready, he says yes, and takes her hand; reconciling their relationship. 60 Steve tells Catherine that he loves her, Catherine holds back tears as she says she loves him too. After interrogating the suspect, Steve calls Catherine to let her know that the terrorist target is San Francisco. Steve whistles at her outfit as he enters and says she looking sharp. If everyone's bringing their A-games and being a team, those are the things that are more important. She suffered GSW to the leg, a broken arm and a broken vertebra. She says Steve didn’t question it, the person then asks if she’s sure she can do it and call her lieutenant, hinting that her new mission is Navy based. He asks her where she is and if she's okay. After agreeing to settle their argument later, both teams go after the terrorists. Steve then goes over to a drawer and pulls out a 5-O badge and gives it to Catherine. McGarrett discovers that a botched bank robbery actually wasn't about the money, while Danny protects a Victoria's Secret supermodel who has been threatened by a stalker. They joke that they never quite make it to dinner. With Jack Lord, James MacArthur, Zulu, Kam Fong. Steve asks about the kids and if Najib was with them, and Catherine says they're safe but Najib wasn't with them. Catherine and Kono then follow Steve and Danny as they chase down the tour tram the nuclear warhead is on.